Peter Rabbit Large Plush Toy

The beautiful, classic Peter Rabbit toy, one of the all-time favourite TV and book characters for many children. Beautifully made by hand in GUND's trademark style using soft, tactile plush and with careful attention to detail. 30cm Sitting. Beautiful Peter Rabbit toy, made according to the Peter Rabbit stories.

A collectable Peter Rabbit toy, which has been a favourite toy for many generations.

The perfect gift for baby featuring the magical Peter Rabbit to love, snuggle and cuddle.

Want to Gift Something From Your Childhood? Pick the Peter Rabbit Plush Toy From Our Peter Rabbit Gift Hampers!

Peter Rabbit is a storybook character who is known by millions. Chances are high that during your childhood you had a Peter Rabbit toy as well. Why not keep the tradition alive and pick one of our Peter Rabbit gift hampers? 

Who Is Peter Rabbit?

Most people are already familiar with Peter Rabbit and his adventures. However, for those of you that do not know Peter Rabbit, here is some history!

Peter Rabbit was an invention of Beatrix Potter, a famous British writer. Her first children’s book, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, was published in 1902. More books followed after and Peter Rabbit became a worldwide favourite.

Up until this day, the adventures of Peter Rabbit are still told and read all over the world. So anyone who wants to gift something valuable and priceless, will not be disappointed when they gift one of our Peter Rabbit Gift Hampers.

What Peter Rabbit Gift Hampers Can You Recommend?

One of the most gorgeous Peter Rabbit gift hampers, where you will also find this beautiful Peter Rabbit toy, is the Hello Peter Rabbit Baby Hamper. 

Customers who choose the Hello Peter Rabbit Baby Hamper, do not only get the famous Peter Rabbit toy, but also an official Peter Rabbit Board Book and the Beatrix Potter Building Blocks. These toys are not only fun, they are also educational, giving the child in question a head start in life.

The toys in the Hello Peter Rabbit Baby Hamper are found safe for newborn babies, so there is nothing to worry about when you pick this hamper. In addition to that, you can also take advantage of a free delivery!

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More Information about Peter Rabbit Gift Hampers

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The beautiful, classic Peter Rabbit toy, one of the all-time favourite TV and book characters for many children.