What Is the Best Christmas Gift for My Husband Under $100?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:11 December 2018 

Are you on a budget this holiday season, but still want to obtain one of the best Australian food hampers for your husband? No need to worry, because The Hamper Emporium provides a large range of Australian food hampers for the sharpest prices. Of course, we are sure you need some inspiration at the moment, so be sure to check out the recommended Australian food hampers under $100 for your husband below.

What Is the First Food Hamper for My Husband Under $100?

One of the most affordable Australian food hampers in our catalogue is suitable for husbands with a sweet tooth, more specifically the Sweet Bites Hamper. The Sweet Bites Hamper in our Australian food hampers catalogue includes countless sweet treats; this includes chocolates as well as chocolate-covered treats and traditional Christmas treats.

Aside from a range of chocolates from Butlers Irish Chocolates and Ernest Hillier, this gift basket from our Australian Christmas hampers collection includes a selection of The Woods Farm Caramelised Toffee Brittle. The caramelised toffee brittle is made from pure Australian ingredients, so your husband can count on some authentic Aussie flavours during the holidays.

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What Is the Second Food Hamper for My Husband Under $100?

Another affordable option in our range of Australian Christmas hampers is the Chandon with Australian Chocolates & Nuts. The Chandon with Australian Chocolates & Nuts from our Australian Christmas hampers catalogue contains one of the best sparkling wines in the world, complemented by chocolate-covered nibbles from Morgan’s.

The sparkling wine inside this gift basket is the Chandon Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir NV. We use this wine often in our range of Australian Christmas hampers, as this wine has been awarded as best sparkling wine numerous times. With its unique aroma of pine nuts, pears, citrus, and lemons, this refreshing sparkling wine from Chandon is always a hit during the holidays.

Of course, this Chandon wine from our Australian Christmas hampers catalogue is also complemented by some superior nibble flavours from Morgan’s. Inside our Australian Chocolates & Nuts Hamper, customers can find flavours such as dark chocolate coffee beans, luxurious chocolate fruit & nut mix, and popcorn toffee peanut crunch. These flavours do not only match the holiday season, they also work extremely well with the refreshing aroma and flavour of Chandon Sparkling Wine.

What Is the Third Food Hamper for My Husband Under $100?

Do you want a lovely collection of Christmas-themed nibbles and a nice shiraz from our range of Australian Christmas hampers! No problem, because we have one available for under $100 in the form of the Christmas Bites Hamper.

The Christmas Bites Hamper from our Australian Christmas hampers catalogue contains traditional Christmas nibbles such as Tuscan crackers, tapenades, nuts, butter shortbread, fruit mince tarts, and loads more. This hamper from the Australian Christmas hampers collection also provides a bottle of The Islander Estate ‘Bark Hut Road’ Shiraz Cabernet. With its holiday-themed aroma and flavour, nobody will feel bad getting this bottle of wine from our Melbourne Christmas hampers catalogue.

Of course, The Hamper Emporium does provide other delightful wines in its Melbourne Christmas hampers range. If your dad is a fan of wines, we certainly recommend checking out the remainder of our Melbourne Christmas hampers with exclusive wines from wineries such as Robert Oatley, Cape Mentelle, and even Hentley Farm.

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What Is the Fourth Food Hamper for My Husband Under $100?

Some husbands are genuine foodies, so nothing delights them more than one of our Melbourne Christmas hampers that is specifically made for the foodie husband. There are several Melbourne Christmas hampers for foodies in our catalogue, but one of our favourites is the Foodies Hamper.

The Foodies Hamper from our Melbourne Christmas hampers catalogue contains some luxurious nibbles; this includes both Australian and international options. When you choose the Foodies Hamper, you can count on nibbles such as L’Orto di Franco Semi-Dried Tomato Halves, Kangaroo Island Kalamata Olives, Calvi ‘Mosto Oro’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and loads more.

Why Should I Choose The Hamper Emporium for Affordable Christmas Hampers for My Husband!

At The Hamper Emporium, there is not just a lovely range of affordable Christmas hampers to take advantage of. In addition to our affordable Christmas hampers, you can also count on a free standard delivery. To benefit from free shipping, select your Christmas hamper and then standard delivery during the checkout process.

Customers can also count on a delivery up to Christmas Eve, so customers who order their Christmas hampers a little later can still get a delivery in time for Christmas Eve.

Please note that The Hamper Emporium cannot guarantee an exact delivery time for your Christmas hamper; this since we are dependent of a third-party courier. Because of this, we always advise customers to check the estimated delivery times before ordering.

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