What Are the Best Gift Baskets for Her

Author: Loreena Walsh   Date Posted:22 July 2018 

women's luxury gift hampersAt the Hamper Emporium, customers can find suitable gift baskets for every type of recipient. So, if you are looking for the best hampers for a female recipient, you are bound to find them at the Hamper Emporium. Check out our gift basket range below to discover the best hamper for your recipient.

What Is the Best Birthday Gift Basket for Her?

Customers who are looking for the ultimate birthday gift basket for her could consider one of our luxurious chocolate gift baskets. One of the luxurious chocolate gift baskets that can be gifted for a birthday is the Moet Nectar Imperial Hamper.

The Moet Nectar Imperial Hamper is one of our finest chocolate gift baskets. The hamper contains a large variety of chocolates from Ernest Hillier, Butlers Irish Chocolates, and Willie’s Cacao. This gift basket also contains a Moet & Chandon Nectar Imperial, the perfect celebratory champagne for a birthday.

Our Moet Nectar Imperial Hamper certainly stands out in our range of chocolate gift baskets, but there are other chocolate gift baskets that can be used for a birthday. So, be sure to also look at options such as the Luxury Chocolate & Veuve Hamper and the Moet with Australian Chocolates & Nuts.

What Is the Best Christmas Gift Basket for Her?

There are many Christmas gift baskets for her to choose from during the holiday season. One of these Christmas gift baskets is the L’Occitane & Moet Hamper. The L’Occitane & Moet Hamper from our Christmas gift baskets range is a collection of champagne, beauty products, nibbles, and delicious chocolates. Naturally, these are all gifts a woman can appreciate during the holiday season.

Most of our Christmas gift baskets for her contain a large collection of chocolates, and this is no different for the L’Occitane & Moet Hamper from our Christmas gift baskets collection. Inside this gift basket, customers can find three boxes of chocolate-covered treats from Ernest Hillier, which are bound to be gone fast as soon as she opens the hamper.

Our L’Occitane & Moet Hamper also includes many skincare and beauty products from the L’Occitane beauty brand. Each of the included products have the characteristic L’Occitane cherry blossom fragrance, so whether your recipient uses the eau de toilette or the shimmering lotion, she is always going to get the cherry blossom fragrance.

What Is the Best Gift Basket for Valentine’s Day?

We have many romantic gift baskets in our range too and one of them is the Jurlique ‘You Guide, You Love, You Glow’ Hamper. Inside this hamper, your recipient can find a collection of pampering products, each meant to give your recipient a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Jurlique is one of the world’s best-known skincare products. The Jurlique products are not tested on animals, so these cruelty free skincare products are certainly suitable for animal lovers.

Of course, the Jurlique products are not the only reasons why this hamper is so suitable for Valentine’s Day. Inside this hamper, your recipient can also find a lovely collection of chocolates as well as scented candles and a comfortable robe. In conclusion, all wonderful gifts she cannot pass on for a romantic day.

What Is the Best Baby Gift Basket for a Baby Girl?

The Hamper Emporium does not only provide gift baskets for adult women, we also provide baby gift baskets for baby girls. Customers who are looking for baby gift baskets for special occasions such as births, baby showers, and christenings can therefore find the perfect fit in our catalogue.

One of the baby gift baskets that is perfect for a baby girl is our Champagne Pink Baby Hamper. The Champagne Pink Baby Hamper from our baby gift baskets collection contains gifts for the baby as well as the parents, so it is not going to disappoint for a special occasion.

The Champagne Pink Baby Hamper from the baby gift baskets collection contains a lovely Moet & Chandon Rosé Imperial, a perfect pink rosé to celebrate the arrival of a baby girl. The gift basket also contains a genuine Marquise Girls Stretch Wrap, Marquise Pink Dot Growsuit, Cream Plush Teddy Bear, and AB See, a book written by Elizabeth Doyle.

Since the Champagne Pink Baby Hamper contains many functional items, the gift basket is suitable for births as well as christenings. Of course, we also have alcohol-free versions of this hamper for baby showers.

Where Can I Find More Suitable Gift Baskets for My Recipient?

The Hamper Emporium has a large selection of gift baskets for her, so you should not feel limited to the gift baskets we mentioned above. To check out the entire collection of women’s hampers, simply head over to the main menu on the website and select “for her” to see the full collection of women’s hampers.

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