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Gifts for Him

Looking for the Best Hamper for Him? Use Our Handy Guide to Men’s Gift Hampers to Find It!

Treat him with a superior collection of treats and BBQ hampers from the Hamper Emporium. Our selection includes gourmet chocolates, ciders and nibbles that are sure to impress him. We understand that sometimes finding gifts for men or your Dad can be hard, so the Hamper Emporium has put together a range of gifts and gift hampers that will suit even the hardest to buy for man. Find unique hampers for the man in your life and treat him with a gift hamper full of delectable treats to suit every taste.

The stunning hampers collection is made especially with men in mind. The gifts of fine wine and food strikes the right note and is the best way to let someone special know you’re thinking of them. Letting gift hampers carry your message to someone special in your life is sure the best way, and you have our wonderful collection of men’s hampers to choose from! Whether you choose traditional treats or contemporary gifts, hampers from the Hamper Emporium are carefully designed and beautifully packaged to pamper, surprise, or indulge.

The Hamper Emporium regularly provides gift-giving guides, which helps customers to find the best gift hamper for their recipient. Today, we focus on gift hampers for him, so if you are looking for the best hamper for a male recipient, we can certainly suggest reading the information below.

What Do You Put in a Christmas Hamper for Him?

Christmas hampers for him may contain a large selection of products, but most of them will have a Christmas theme. Christmas-themed products can be regular gourmet products with festive packaging, or a genuine Christmas treat such as shortbread or fruitcake.

The Christmas hamper is not just characterised by the Christmas-themed products it contains, since the overall presentation of the Christmas hamper for him will also impact the suitability of a hamper for the holiday season. So, if you are looking for a good Christmas hamper for him, make sure the presentation of the hamper matches the holiday season too.

What Gift Hampers Are Best as a Father’s Day Gift?

At the Hamper Emporium, you can certainly get a better idea of the products that are commonly used in Father’s Day hampers. Our Father’s Day hampers tend to contain products such as premium whiskey, but also gourmet biscuits and nibbles. Since this type of selection appeals to most Australian men, gift hamper options are almost limitless for customers.

Does the Hamper Emporium Provide Mother’s Day Hampers too?

Yes, the Hamper Emporium also offers a lovely selection of Mother’s Day hampers. To locate our Mother’s Day hampers, simply head over to the main menu and select “Mother’s Day” to see our full range of Mother’s Day hampers.

Are you looking to obtain some Mother’s Day hampers outside of Mother’s Day? Find some appropriate gift baskets in our “for her” range, which contains hampers solely made for female recipients.

What Are the Most Popular Hampers for Him in Melbourne?

The popularity of gift hampers for him can vary according to region. For example, Melbourne customers will find that certain hampers are more popular in their region than in Sydney for example. Below, you can find some of the most popular gift baskets for him for Melbourne.

The Foodies Hamper

Our Foodies Hamper is an extremely popular choice for gourmet lovers. It contains pantry items that can transform any gourmet meal into a masterpiece, but also gourmet nibbles that your recipient can enjoy on their own.

The Red Wine & Nibbles Hamper

A good hamper for him can certainly benefit from an excellent wine, this much is proven by the second most popular hamper for him in Melbourne, the Red Wine & Nibbles Hamper. Inside the Red Wine & Nibbles Hamper, customers can find a genuine Robert Oatley McLaren Vale Shiraz, but also gourmet crackers, nut mixes, and delicious tapenade!

The Ultimate Foodies Hamper

A large collection of gourmet nibbles goes down well with Melbourne recipients, so our next choice is the Ultimate Foodies Hamper. Providing award-winning pantry items from Black St. Gourmet, as well as countless chocolates, your Melbourne recipient will be delighted with this exquisite selection of treats.

What Are the Most Popular Hampers for Him in Sydney?

As explained briefly earlier, the hamper preferences can vary by region. Below, you can find popular options for Sydney recipients. So, if you are buying for someone in Melbourne, be sure to pick up one of these options.

The Ultimate Foodies Hamper with Shiraz

Sydney recipients certainly appreciate a good combination of sweet treats and a decent wine, which immediately explains the most popular hamper among Sydney recipients, the Ultimate Foodies Hamper with Shiraz. Inside this hamper, recipients can find Cape Mentelle shiraz, complemented by chocolates from Willie’s Cacao, Ernest Hillier, and Butlers Irish Chocolates. Of course, this hamper also provides award-winning gourmet treats from the Black St. Gourmet brand.

The Vintage Moet Hamper

The love that Sydney recipients have for a good bottle of bubbly once again shows with the Vintage Moet Hamper, the second most popular hamper for Sydney. Inside this hamper, your recipient will find a genuine 2018 Moet Grand Vintage, a rare release from the Moet & Chandon champagne house. Of course, it also contains gourmet treats from Baylies, Morgan’s, and Gourmet Regional to supplement the exquisite flavour of the vintage champagne.

The Glenmorangie ‘Lasanta’ Hamper

For Sydney recipients, you could also consider one of our premium whiskey hampers. The third most popular option is the Glenmorangie ‘the Lasanta’ Hamper, which includes the exclusive Glenmorangie Lasanta Whiskey.

The Glenmorangie Lasanta is a 12-year-old single malt whiskey. It is characterised by numerous flavours, including honey, dried fig, and chocolate, making this one of the more exotic whiskies in the world.

Of course, when you choose Glenmorangie, you immediately choose one of the best whiskey labels in the world. With Glenmorangie, quality is always guaranteed, so this hamper containing the Glenmorangie Lasanta and accompanying treats will be a big hit among Australian whiskey lovers.

Seafood BBQ Hamper

Australia’s great love Seafood and BBQ are the highlight of this hamper. The hamper includes Devil’s Corner Tasmanian Sauvignon Blanc, NoMU Seafood Rub, NoMU Moroccan Rub, NoMU Seafood and Fish Grinder, AB Black Gold Balsamic Reduction, Seafood Kitchen Salt and Pepper Calamari Mix, Baylies Epicurean Delights Plain Olive Oil, Spice and All Things Nice Pilaf Rice with Cumin, Basil, and Coconut. The hamper is exclusively built for ultimate Seafood and BBQ lover. You can savour all through the summer. The hamper also includes spice blends from NoMU of South Africa to add warmth and depth to your seafood dishes.

The United Nations of Beer hamper

This global gift hamper is perfect for anyone who enjoys delicious brews, nibbles and more. The hamper includes some of the world’s best brews and nibbles. Asahi Super Dry Japan’s popular first dry beer is touted for its refreshing barley flavour. Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer is the India’s top selling beer brand and is the finest quality beer which is enjoyed and appreciated in 55 countries. The Grolsch Swing Top is a classic choice brewed in the Netherlands. Stella Artois is a quality Belgian beer popular for its world class taste. The hamper also includes Peroni Nastro Azzuro, the most famous beer from Rome which is appreciated for its crisp and fresh flavour.

Chocolates and Champagne gift hamper for him

Make the man in your life feel special with golden sparkling French Champagne. The gift hamper is paired with handmade chocolates that are sure to impress any chocolate lover. The gift hamper is beautifully packed in a luxury keepsake box and finished with a beautiful fabric ribbon.

The Ciders Hamper

The hamper includes high quality ciders and nibbles and is great to share with the man in your life. It includes Matilda Bay Dirty Granny Cider, Monteith’s Crushed Apple Cider, Saxton Pear Cider, Three Oaks Original Pear Cider, Baylies Epicurean Delights Plain Lavash, Valley Produce Fig & Almond Fruit Paste, Morgan & Albert's Barossa Beetroot Relish, Morgan & Albert's Premium Nibbles Brewer's Blend, Morgan & Albert's Premium Nibbles Portuguese BBQ Peanuts, and Thomas Chipman Mixed Root Chips. The hamper is beautifully presented in a keepsake box with matching ribbon.

Red Wine and BBQ Hamper

This hamper includes wine, seasonings, and nibbles, which are perfect to sit back and enjoy a great BBQ with. The hamper is perfectly handpicked and contains delicious nibbles such as NoMu Poultry Rub, NOMU Steak & BBQ Grinder, Chefs at Work Italian Bread Dipper, Le Cordon Bleu Paris Green Olive Spread with Fennel, Morgan & Albert's Premium Nibbles BBQ Peanuts, Baylies Gourmet Crackers with Sesame Seeds, and AB Mediterranean Balsamic Reduction. Naturally, this stunning wine and gourmet selection is also presented in a keepsake box.

Premium BBQ Australian Hamper

The hamper includes some of the best wines, spices, marinades and more. It has everything you need to enjoy your favourite BBQ with, including some delicious nibbles and a wonderful glass of wine. The hamper includes 2009 Pepperjack Shiraz, Edinburgh Preserves BBQ Sauce, Edinburgh Preserves Spicy Tomato Sauce, Edinburgh Preserves Chutney for Cheese, Edinburgh Honey Mustard with Whiskey, NoMu BBQ Rub, NoMu Lamb Rub, NoMu Steak & BBQ Grinder, Morgan & Albert's Premium Nibbles Portuguese BBQ Peanuts, Morgan & Albert's Premium Nibbles Brewer's Blend, Morgan & Albert's Premium Nibbles Pistachios, Thomas Chipman Organic Rosemary & Thyme Potato Chips, Thomas Chipman Organic Lightly Salted Potato Chips, Morgan & Alberts Barossa Pickle Relish, Baylies Epicurean Delights Rosemary Lavash, and Valley Produce Fig & Almond Seed Crisps. What more could a barbecue lover need?

Beers of Australia Hamper

The hamper includes a quality selection of beers, ales, and lagers. It also includes quality nibbles for a treat that’s sure going to impress your man. The hamper includes Balmain Pale Ale, Little Creatures Pale Ale, Mildura Brewery Mallee Bull, Monteith’s Golden Lager, Stoke Amber Ale, Epicurean Delights Plain Lavash, Valley Produce Fig & Almond Fruit Paste, Morgan & Albert's Barossa Beetroot Relish, Morgan & Albert's Premium Nibbles Brewer's Blend, Morgan & Albert's Premium Nibbles Portuguese BBQ Peanuts, and Thomas Chipman Lightly Salted Potato Chips.

What Are the Best Thank You Hampers from the Men’s Hampers Range?

All hampers in our men’s hampers collection could double as thank you hampers. Of course, there are other categories on the Hamper Emporium where you might find good thank you hampers too; this includes our gourmet food & wine section.

When it comes to finding the best thank you hampers, it is always best to consider your recipient’s personal preferences. Simply check the available categories and choose the category where you will find many thank you hampers that will match your recipient. For example, if your recipient is a chocoholic, you will find the best thank you hampers in our chocolate hampers section!

What Are the Best Get-Well Hampers for Men?

Do you need a get-well present for your recipient? Be sure to consider any of the get-well gift hampers at the Hamper Emporium, which contains some amazing pampering gifts your recipient is bound to appreciate. Inside our get-well hampers, you can find items such as grooming products, but also chocolates and sweet nibbles, which are bound to make your recipient feel a whole lot better!

What Are the Best Men’s Valentine’s Hampers for Men?

There are some Valentine’s Day gift hampers you could consider for your recipient. Some of the most popular Valentine’s Day gift baskets for men include the Luxury Hennessy Hamper, the Ultimate Foodies Hamper, and the Vintage Moet Hamper. However, there are a lot more gift baskets that are suitable for your male recipient this Valentine’s Day.

What Are the Most Popular Christmas Hampers for Men?

The Hamper Emporium does not only provide suitable gift baskets for Valentine’s Day, but also some amazing Christmas hampers. For Christmas, you could consider gift baskets such as the Glenmorangie 10-Year Original with Whisky Tumblers, the Classic Celebration Hamper, and the Sweet Epicure Hamper. There are more hampers for Christmas that your recipient might love, so be sure to check out our entire collection of Christmas hampers for men, not just our most popular ones!

Choosing a gift for a man is never easy, because most men are notoriously difficult to buy for. Fortunately, the Hamper Emporium makes the search for the perfect present a lot easier with a nice range of gift hampers for him, which may contain any variety of items men love. Our selection of dedicated hampers for men can be used during any time of the year, so no matter which special occasions like birthdays you need a present for, our gift hampers range for him is always going to have a good gift option for you.

Inside our range of gift hampers for him, customers can find a variety of products. Our range includes excellent alcoholic beverages, which includes Glenmorangie whisky, Moet & Chandon champagne, Cape Mentelle Shiraz and numerous gourmet treats obtained from Australian and international gourmet brands. We also have a beautiful range of beer hampers, which are bound to be appreciated by the beer lovers amongst recipients. However, customers must know that our beer hampers range offers more than standard beers alone, because our range includes international beers from countries such as Germany and Belgium as well! So, check out our latest gifts for him if you still need a present that will impress your recipient.

Read through our list of recommended hampers for men in Melbourne and Sydney, but could you use some recommendations for men residing in other areas of Australia? Or do you have a question about one of the hampers mentioned? Contact the Hamper Emporium today for more information.