Mother's Day Chocolates

Mother's Day Chocolates

Indulgent, decadent, smooth, words to describe the experience of eating chocolate. The comfort factor, the taste, the sensation are all included in the experience. Ok, you can scoff a shop-store chocolate bar without any of that experience but to eat one of the top-class chocolates in our hampers is an adventure everyone wants to savour, especially your mums.

Giving chocolate on Mother’s Day might seem a bit of a cop opt, no way! Our chocolate hampers are lovingly designed to provide your mums with a totally indulgent experience. Top class chocolatiers from around the world have had their products selected to be included in our luxury hampers, pamper hampers and Mother’s Day hampers.

Think of the thrill she will get when she opens her gift on May 10th, not just a delightful box of chocolates, but a gourmet variety in texture, flavour and fillings. Plus a delightful array of artisan treats, wines, champagnes and fabulous skincare products to further indulge her sense of being lovingly pampered.

Finding the right gift for your mum is important but that's why we are here. To help you select the right gift that says ‘I love you, Mum’. Whether you are near or find, browsing through our specially selected Mother’s Day hampers is so easy. Order the one, or two you select, don’t forget your wife is a mum too, and pay at checkout with a variety of online payment methods to suit you. No worries about deliveries either, we have you covered with free standard delivery throughout Australia.

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Mother's Day Chocolates


Mother’s Day Chocolates - The Best Gift!

Selecting one of our chocolate hampers ensures your Mother’s Day gift really tells your mum how important she is to you. Ok, giving chocolate is pretty traditional, but when combined with our hampers, it goes beyond traditions into a luxurious, indulgent experience. One that she will remember for a long time.

Our specially selected chocolates come from top-class chocolatiers from Australian and around the world. Chosen because you want the best and Hamper Emporium has heard you and found you the perfect selection of chocolate to gift to your mums.

A gift on Mother’s Day is sent for several reasons, not just because it is expected, it is also,

  • To recognise mothers and all they do for you.
  • To let your mums know you are thinking about them.
  • To say ’I love you’ - Chocolate is the perfect gift to say this.

Giving a gift is as much for the giver as the recipient; it’s a way of communicating with someone, letting them know how much they mean to you. Our hampers for Mother’s Day have been designed to send your message of love and caring to your mums and ensure you know you have done something special for your mum.

What Can I Expect To Find In A Mother’s Day Hamper?

You can select a hamper jammed packed with different chocolates as our Sweet Bites Hamper. With selections from Australian chocolatiers Morgans & Ernest Hillier. Plus Ireland’s famous Butler’s gold box of chocolates; along with tasty delights from Black St & the Woods Farm. We also include the excellent Willie’s Cacao chocolate where they promise your mum can, “melt into a world of adventure” with their “bean to bar” chocolates.

The variety of flavours and textures invite you to dip in and savour. If your mum has never tried Morgan’s Crème Brûlée Roasted peanuts she is in for a taste explosion she will be thanking you for, for a very long time.

Our hampers for Mother’s Day don’t just contain chocolates; you can vary your choice by including some fantastic skincare products from the Australian Jurlique company, along with personalised gifts like the monogrammed key fob.

If you want to add some extra indulgence to your Mothers Day chocolates, then consider our luxury or pamper hampers. Both include items like a silky or soft and fluffy bathrobe, face masks, scented candles. Plus, bath and skin products from the renown French company L’Occitane.

Hamper Emporium Hampers also contain other gourmet and artisan treats, like the exceptional Luke Managan Quince paste or Kangaroo Island olives and crackers.

Are There Any Alcohol Contents In The Mother’s Day hampers?

Yes, from fine wines to bottles of bubbly. You can find a selection of wines from the Cape Mentelle vineyards based at Margaret River Western Australia, including their classic red blend of Trinders Cabernet Merlot. For that nose-tickling bubbly sensation, you can select from a range of the remarkable French Moёt Chandon champagne or the Australian Chandon.

I Want The Hamper To Look Nice - Do You Wrap Them?

There is no need with a Hamper Emporium hamper, all the Mother’s Day chocolates and other items are carefully packed with an eye to their presentation. The beautifully designed boxes come in black and gold or cream and gold and are a lovely keepsake box for your mum.

Is There Anyway I can Personalise My Mother’s Day Gift?

Yes, you can arrange to have the robes and keyfobs included in some of the Mother’s Day hampers to be monogrammed. There is also a free gold embossed card for you to write your own ’thank you mum’ message. If you are stuck for something to say you could add a sentimental quote like one from the poet Robert Browing, “Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” or a funny one like, “Mum, I love you, even though I’ll never accept your friend request.” (Unknown).

Also, remember that standard delivery is free throughout Australia. If you are running a little late and May 10th is looming ever closer, you can opt for our express service with a small extra fee.

Do You Know? Chocolate Facts!

Chocolates are healthy

No need to worry about creating a chocolate craving, scientists and doctors have discovered that chocolate has several health benefits that include,

  • Lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol - dark chocolate ( 50% cocoa) contains flavanols that have been found to lower both systolic and diastolic BP. The saturated fats in chocolate are ‘good fats’. Stearic acid is the primary fat in cocoa butter and has no negative effect on LDL cholesterol!
  • Chocolate is now recognised as being good for your heart, eating small amounts regularly, reduces atrial fibrillation and prevents heart attacks and strokes.
  • Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants - something every mum will appreciate.

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