Nana Gifts for Mother's Day

Nana Gifts for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day isn’t just about our mums (although ask them and they might disagree!) It’s also about all the amazing women in our family who have loved us, raised us and made us who we are. Here at The Hamper Emporium we think nanas everywhere deserve a massive ‘thank you’. She’s sweet and adoring. She was always there to spoil you growing up, whether it was a special occasion or not. She’s the matriarch of the family, and her love is the glue that holds everyone together. There’s no doubt that she deserves to be celebrated! So what are the best nana gifts for Mother’s Day?

She may be older and wiser than your mum, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to be absolutely pampered. She’s dedicated her life to making your family what it is today. There’s no doubt you want to give Nana the best of the best this Mother’s Day to show her your appreciation! Give Nana an excuse to indulge. A bottle of champagne never goes astray, nor does a selection of the finest Australian nibbles and snacks. Does she cherish her beauty routine? Lush rose scented moisturiser, a calming bath soak or even a silk robe will have her beaming with joy.

If you can’t pay Nana a visit on her special day, be sure to send her all your love from afar. She’ll be absolutely delighted by a lavish gift hamper delivered straight to her door! That’s right, with contactless delivery you can spoil Nana, no matter your location. She will feel adored beyond belief when she opens her thoughtful gift. Don’t forget to follow it up with a phone call. After all, every moment spent speaking with our grandparents is one to be cherished.

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What do you get Nana for Mother's Day?

Don’t forget your darling Nana on Mother’s Day! After all, it’s also a day to celebrate her for all that she is. She raised your mum or dad, and now she plays a pivotal role in your life too. Family is so important. That’s why this is a day to pamper all the incredible women who have made you the person you are today.

Nana wants to be spoiled on her special day just as much as Mum does. Trust us, after years of indulging your family with love and care, it’s time for her to get the same treatment. If Nana loves the finer things in life then gift her with the very best. A bottle of the highest quality champagne never does astray. If she doesn’t fancy bubbles, perhaps a fruity white wine will do the trick. Give her a reason to celebrate with those she loves the most!

If she loves nourishing and taking care of her skin, why not give her a luxurious item she might not find herself? A soothing rose scented hand cream will leave her feeling simply indulgent. If she needs time to unwind, give her a delicious bath soak or a decadent candle. After all, every nana deserves to pamper themselves like a queen!

What should I get for Nana?

No matter what the occasion, there comes a time when you want to give Nana a gift she’ll never forget. But what can you give her that will hit the mark? Gone are the days when you could make something adorable at the craft table at kindy and then present it to her with a smile. Now that you’re old enough, it’s time to spoil Nana rotten just like she did for you all those years.

Maybe she loves to write and reflect on life. In that case, gift her with a stunning notebook for her to collect all her thoughts in. We bet Nan has some incredible stories and wisdom to pass on to her much loved grandkids. Give her a place to record it all; it’s sure to be a source of long conversations for many years to come!

If she has a sweet tooth, you can’t go wrong with chocolate. Chocolate covered nuts and berries always go down a treat. If you can’t choose just one, send her a selection of nibbles so she is well and truly stocked up.

Is Mother's Day for grandmothers too?

Absolutely! Mother’s Day is for all the incredible matriarchs in your family — the women who have loved and nurtured you throughout your life. We all know to spoil Mum on this marvelous day, but what about our grandmothers? Don’t forget her when this celebration rolls around.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, so you don’t just have your amazing mum to thank come April. We wouldn’t be where we are today without all the incredible grandmas, nanas and grans out there who have nurtured and loved us. She may have grown up in a different time, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t your best friend and confidante from the very start. The fondness that grandkids share with their grandparents is second to none.

Maybe she attended every Grandparents’ Day at your school with cookies in hand. Perhaps she was there to kiss your sore knees and calm your fears. When your parents weren’t around we know she loved to spoil you. After all, that’s exactly what a grandmother is for! She has watched you grow with pride and devotion. That’s why she deserves to be pampered this Mother’s Day just like Mum!

What should I get my grandma for Valentine's Day?

Valentine’s Day is all about expressing love! A lot of the time we put all the focus on one type — that’s right, the romantic type — and forget about all the other wonderful kinds of love in our life that deserve to be acknowledged. The older we get, the more we understand that platonic and family love are just as worth celebrating. That’s why we believe Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to spoil our lovely grandmas! But what is the right kind of gift? Don’t worry, we have plenty of ideas that she is bound to adore.

If nana loves flowers, why not go the extra mile and surprise her with a rose themed gift hamper? A bottle of rosé champagne paired with rose-scented hand cream, a pink silk bathrobe and a luxury pink bath soak will go down a treat. It will last longer than a simple bouquet of flowers, and you’re giving her the greatest gift of all, which is an excuse to pamper herself. If your grandma deserves to be treated like the queen that she is, do just that!

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