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Pamper Hampers

Everyone deserves to be pampered once in a while, so treat yourself or someone else to something special. There is no better way to do this than with one of The Hamper Emporium's luxurious Pamper Hampers.

The Pamper Hampers at the Hamper Emporium – Pamper Someone for a Special Occasion!

At the Hamper Emporium, customers can find numerous pamper hampers that can provide their recipients with a luxurious pampering experience. Our hamper designer even added some new pamper hampers recently, so there is always a new and refreshing choice waiting for our loyal customers. Curious what our most popular pamper hampers are? Discover our best pamper hampers in the overview below!

Why Should I Choose the Jurlique Indulgence Hamper?

The Jurlique Indulgence Hamper is a collection of luxury presents; this includes some skincare products from Jurlique, luxury chocolates from Butlers, a quality cosmetics bag and much more!

One of the main reasons why customers choose the Jurlique Indulgence Hamper is the collection of Jurlique products inside. One of the Jurlique products inside this hamper is the Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Cream, a cream that is bound to keep your recipient’s skin in excellent condition.

The Jurlique Plus Moisturising Cream is designed for dehydrated skin. It provides two types of specific benefits, more specifically hydration and protection against damage caused by free radicals. In addition to that, the Jurlique Plus Moisturising Cream improves the overall skin texture of women too, so this moisturising cream is bound to benefit many recipients getting this hamper as a gift.

Naturally, there are more delightful Jurlique products in this hamper with similar properties, as well as additional top gifts that will be adored by your female recipient, your sweetheart. So, be sure to head over to the full product description of the Jurlique Indulgence Hamper for more information!

Why Should I Choose the Jurlique with Personalised Leather Accessories?

The Jurlique with Personalised Leather Accessories Hamper is quite like the hamper we described earlier, the Jurlique Indulgence Hamper. However, the Jurlique with Personalised Leather Accessories contains some leather products that can be personalised with the monogram of your recipient, making the hamper a little more personal!

To add the monogram of your recipient to the personalised leather accessories inside this hamper, simply add the letters of your recipient’s monogram to the designated field on the product description page. Then, simply add the hamper to your cart and the Hamper Emporium will take care of the rest.

Why Should I Choose the Luxury Pamper Hamper with Chandon Rosé?

The Luxury Pamper Hamper with Chandon Rosé is one of the most extensive pamper hampers for female recipients. Not only does this hamper contain a wide selection of chocolates and biscuits, it also contains products from MOR Cosmetics and a bottle of Chandon Rosé. In short, everything a woman needs for a true pampering experience.

Why Should I Choose the Pure Indulgence Hamper?

Our Pure Indulgence Hamper is another extensive pamper hamper at the Hamper Emporium, and one of our most popular choices for a variety of special occasions. Inside this hamper, recipients can find luxurious biscuits from Maison Fossier, chocolates from Butlers, but also a bottle of luxurious Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial NV Champagne!

Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial NV Champagne is one of the most celebrated champagnes in the world. It is often served during red carpet events, but also in high-end restaurants. So, adding this champagne to this luxurious pamper hamper was truly a no-brainer.

Why Should I Choose the Men’s Ultimate Retreat Hamper?

At the Hamper Emporium, customers cannot only find pamper hampers for female recipients, because our range contains pamper hampers for men too. One of these pamper hampers for men is the Men’s Ultimate Retreat Hamper!

The Men’s Ultimate Retreat Hamper contains all kinds of products that can give men a true spa experience from the convenience of their own home. It contains products such as a plush bathrobe, but also hand wash, lotion and a 2014 the Islander Estate Old Rowley Shiraz Grenache!

Why Should I Choose the Plush Robe & Prosecco Hamper?

If you like the Men’s Ultimate Retreat Hamper, but need a similar hamper for a female recipient, you could choose the Plush Robe & Prosecco Hamper. As the name suggests, this hamper contains a plush charcoal robe, MOR hand cream, luxurious nibbles and a bottle of quality prosecco from Brown Brothers and MIMCO. So, this hamper is bound to provide the spa experience women are looking for!

What Should You Put in a Pamper Hamper?

There are several things you could put in a pamper hamper. You can see some examples of pamper hampers at the Hamper Emporium, which contain items such as skincare products, chocolates, sweet nibbles, champagne, sparkling wine, and loads more. Of course, you could include some other products in your gift baskets too, but you certainly need items such as skincare products and chocolates as your basics.

What Are the Best Pamper Hampers as Gifts?

All pamper hampers at the Hamper Emporium are suitable gifts, but there is a difference between pamper hampers for women and the pamper hampers for men. While pamper hampers for women contain skincare products and cosmetics, pamper hampers for men will contain grooming products. Still, these pamper hampers are suitable gift baskets for all special occasions.

What Are Some Luxury Pamper Hampers?

The Hamper Emporium also has some luxurious pamper hampers available; this includes options such as the L’Occitane Celebration Pamper Hamper and the Moet & MOR Boutique Hamper. Inside these pamper gift hampers, you can find items such as champagne, chocolates, and skincare products, so any recipient would be glad to receive one of these gift baskets for a special occasion.

Why Should I Choose the Mimco Limited Edition Blush Gift Hamper?

At the Hamper Emporium, customers can also find luxurious limited-edition products in our pamper hampers. One pamper hamper that contains limited-edition products is the Mimco Limited Edition Blush Gift Hamper.

One of the limited-edition products inside this hamper is the Brown Brothers & Mimco Collaboration Prosecco Rose. The Brown Brothers & Mimco Collaboration Prosecco Rose is presented in a chic bottle and has a divine palate that will leave any recipient wanting more. It is the perfect gift prosecco rosé for celebrations and pampering experiences, but also a nice wine to enjoy with a good gourmet meal.

The Mimco Limited Edition Blush Gift Hamper also contains a fine selection of Butlers Irish Chocolates, more specifically Butlers Chocolate Truffles. The Butlers Chocolate Truffles Collection contains confections that were hand-selected by loyal Butlers Irish Chocolates customers. So, the selection of chocolates inside this box will appeal to almost all chocolate lovers.

In addition to some of the exquisite products we already described, the Mimco Limited Edition Blush Gift Hamper also contains some aromatherapy from the Aromatherapy Company; this includes an orange & jasmine diffuser and candle. So, if your recipient likes aromatherapy, then the Mimco Limited Edition Blush Gift Hamper might be the advised choice.

Where Can I Find More Pamper Hampers?

The Hamper Emporium is so proud of its pamper hampers, our team has created a special category just containing pamper hampers! Therefore, for a full overview of our pamper hampers, simply head over to the main menu and select “pamper hampers” for a clear overview of your options.

Please note that the Hamper Emporium provides other hampers as well, so your choice is not limited to our category with pamper hampers. For more options, please check out the other categories on our site!