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Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:9 February 2017 

The pamper gift hampers of the Hamper Emporium are popular for female recipients, because these specific gift hampers can give any woman an unforgettable and relaxing experience. To enable customers to get more familiar with our range of these gift hampers, we have created an overview of our finest pampering gift hampers. So, read on to discover what pampering gift hampers you should consider for a loved one!

The Velvet Rose & Peony Pamper Hamper

One of the gift baskets that can certainly pamper a female recipient is the Velvet Rose & Peony Pamper Hamper. This hamper is often gifted as a romantic gift, so we can certainly recommend that you consider this hamper for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries.

The Velvet Rose & Peony Pamper Gift Basket certainly contain a lot of pampering items. Inside these gift baskets, recipients will find exquisite Maison Fossier Biscuit Roses and Morgan’s French Vanilla Almonds. These treats feature some outstanding French flavours, which deliver genuine gourmet pampering.

Our Velvet Rose & Peony Pamper Gift Baskets also contain gifts and accessories that can provide some relaxation. It includes the Milieu Velvet Rose & Peony Diffuser, Peony Print Hot and Cold Therapy and Rose Soap Confetti. These gift baskets also contain a cotton cosmetic bag, so the special woman in your life can always have her essential beauty products at hand.

Mimco Limited Edition Pamper Hamper

Our extensive collection of hampers also has some exquisite chocolate hampers to offer. Most chocolate hampers are loved by female recipients, because many women simply cannot say no to a nice selection of premium chocolates. One of the chocolate hampers in our range is the Mimco Limited Edition Pamper Hamper. These chocolate hampers were only added to our range recently, but are quickly becoming a popular choice for Mother’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays and Valentine’s Day.

The Mimco Limited Edition Pamper Chocolate Hampers contain the finest selection of chocolates from Butlers Irish Chocolates – Butlers Chocolate Truffles. The gift baskets also contain a range of pampering gifts and accessories, which includes a diffuser candle set, pouch and robe.

Our Mimco Limited Edition Gift Baskets also include a Brown Brothers Prosecco, characterised by a fruity freshness. The characteristics of this prosecco make this wine perfect for celebrations, but be quick, because this prosecco is a limited edition that will not be available forever.

Today, Tomorrow & Everyday with Champagne Hamper

If you want a truly special gift for a special woman in your life, the Today, Tomorrow & Everyday with Champagne Hamper is certainly it. This hamper contains a nice selection of biscuits, sweets, champagne and pampering gifts, but also a wonderful book your special woman will appreciate for the rest of her life.

The Today, Tomorrow & Everyday Book is written by author M.H. Clark. It describes a brave woman’s journey, and recognises the trials and tribulations she goes through. The story in the book is perfect for a strong woman, and shows her just how much you appreciate her.

The Pure Indulgence Hamper

Buying a present for a woman with a sweet tooth? Then be sure to consider a classic christmas hampers gifts from the Hamper Emporium – the Pure Indulgence Hamper. This hamper is the ultimate collection of sweets, biscuits and chocolates, so you cannot go wrong with this hamper for a woman with a true appreciation for the sweeter things in life.

Inside this exquisite hamper from the Hamper Emporium, the recipient will find some classic releases from French bakery Maison Fossier; this includes their French Palmier Pastries, Macarons and Biscuit Roses. The hamper also contains the finest chocolates from Butlers Irish Chocolates, all complemented by a premium bottle of Moet & Chandon Champagne.

The Pure Indulgence Hamper also provides the recipient with a series of quality cosmetics, which have been acquired from the MOR Cosmetics brand. It includes the well-known MOR

Blood Orange Body Butter, but also their MOR Emporium Vanilla Body Wash and Lotion. In short, everything a modern woman needs to pamper herself from head to toe.

The Pretty in Pink Pamper Hamper

In addition to the Pure Indulgence Hamper, there is another hamper in our range that was specifically designed for women. The Pretty in Pink Pamper Hamper is quite like the Pretty in Pink Pamper Hamper, but it contains an extra Brown Brothers Victorian Crouchen Riesling Rosé a woman cannot resist.

The Brown Brothers Victorian Crouchen Riesling Rosé is now considered a stalwart in the Australian wine industry. The original Australian rosé came on the market in the 1970s, but Brown Brothers has created a modern twist on this timeless classic with their interpretation of the rosé, which is the rosé found in this hamper.

Brown Brothers Victorian Crouchen Riesling Rosé separates itself from other rosé wines through the addition of a small amount of Cienna. The Cienna gives the wine a ruby pink colour, and leads to an aroma of strawberries, lemon and passionfruit.

The aroma of the wine also follow through in the actual palate, which is good news for women who appreciate the finer wines on the market today. The palate features the sweetness of grapes and still provides a balanced acidity that makes this a refreshing wine during warmer weather.

If you decide to serve the Brown Brothers Victorian Crouchen Riesling Rosé during a special occasion, it is recommended to serve this rosé chilled. Chilling the rosé will bring the true refreshing nature of this wine to the forefront, and ensures the recipient can experience the true nature of Brown Brothers Victorian Crouchen Riesling Rosé.

Other Pamper Hampers for Your Female Recipient

Would you like more options before you choose a pamper hamper for your recipient? To discover more pamper hampers available at the Hamper Emporium, simply click on the shop menu and select pamper gifts from the dropdown menu. Then, you will be taken to a new page where you can view all pamper hampers available to you.

The Hamper Emporium does not only offer excellent hampers for women though, because we also have an exquisite range for men. So, if you have a special event coming up, be sure to check out all your options.

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