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Harney & Sons Chamomile & Lavender Silk Tea Pyramids

Fine tea from Harney & Sons, a superior blend of chamomile, lavender and cornflower. A beautiful tea with a very fine palate, does not contain any caffeine and is therefore a healthier alternative to most caffeine-based teas. Unique combination of chamomile and lavender combined into a tasty selection of tea by Harney & Sons.

Harney and Sons Chamomile & Lavender Silk Tea Pyramids

Harney and Sons tea products are simply the best. Over the years, these remarkable and flavourful products have been preferred by millions of people across the world particularly in Australia. Most Australians love the sensational taste of the Harney and Sons tea products and in fact, it is even served in special occasions like Christmas. 

One of the most popular and best-selling products of Harney and Sons is the Chamomile & Lavender Silk Tea Pyramids. This caffeine free tea is made with the finest blend of chamomile, cornflowers and lavender that will surely make you feel great once you taste it. 

Everyone, especially you will be lucky this Christmas season because the awesome Harney and Sons Tea products are filled in the most beautiful holiday inspired gift hampers that are only available in the Hamper Emporium. Get to know more about the Harney and Sons Chamomile & Lavender Silk Tea Pyramids and the gift hampers in the online page of the Hamper Emporium. Below is some of the basic information that you need to know about them.

What Is Special with These Gift Hampers?

These gift hampers are especially made for parents who have newborn baby boys which call for a celebration this holiday season. These elegant gift hampers seem simple yet it can express your love, appreciation and gratitude to the people close to your heart.

What Does The Welcome Baby Boy With Moet Hamper Have?

 It also has a Moet & Chardon Brut Imperial Champagne with gifts and accessories for the baby boy made by Marquise and JellyCat.

What About The Bashful Bunny Baby Boy Hamper?

The Bashful Bunny Baby Boy Hamper, unlike the Welcome Baby Boy Hamper, does not have a bottle of Moet champagne. However, it has the Random Harvest Triple Chocolate Rock and the Butter Cookies from Elsa’s Story. Aside from that, this hamper has the Marquise Embroided baby Soft Cotton Singlet and the Bashful Bunny Rattle. Of Course, it will not be complete without the Harney and Sons Chamomile & Lavender Silk Tea Pyramids.

What Is Interesting With The Welcome Baby Boy Hamper?

This adorable hamper is much similar to the other two hampers since it also contains the Random Harvest Triple Chocolate Rock, the Butter Cookies of Elsa’s Story and the baby accessories from Marquise and JellyCat. 

Are You Interested To Order This For Christmas?

Then you should visit the Hamper Emporium online page and look for these cool and exciting gift hampers. While you still have enough time to look for your presents, check out the site and there you find a lot more options of gift hampers that you can order at very affordable prices. Share your blessings this Christmas and express it through the gift hampers of the Emporium.