Silver on Green

Take Advantage Of Corporate Gift Hampers With Our Silver On Green Ribbon!

Do you need original corporate gift hampers with a customised ribbon and gift tag? No need to look further, because Hamper Emporium has everything you need. Hamper Emporium is the number 1 supplier of corporate gift hampers and provides all kinds of customisation options, including the silver on green ribbon with the company logo and name.

What Businesses Use The Silver On Green Logo?

Any business can use our silver on green ribbon for their corporate gift hampers, since it all comes down to personal preference or the logo of the company. 

The logo of your company can somewhat influence your decision of whether or not to use the silver on green ribbon. Businesses who have a silver or green logo, may find that the silver on green ribbon matches their corporate identity better. Businesses can also choose the silver on green ribbon for their corporate gift hampers to convey a certain message. 

The Benefits of Green?

Green is best known as the colour of harmony and balance. Most people who look at the colour green will immediately feel a sense of peace and inner rest, which makes green a great colour for most corporate gift hampers.

There are also certain businesses that can relate to the colour green better than others. Businesses related to healthcare or public service may find that green is the better choice for corporate gift hampers. However, in the end it all comes down to your personal preference and your favourite colours.

Can I Choose A Different Colour For The Letters And Logo?

Even though the majority of our business clients love our silver on green ribbon, there are other options available on the Hamper Emporium. Customers can choose a different colour ribbon, but they can also choose a different colour for the letters and the logo.

In order to ensure that the recipient can read the text on the ribbon, Hamper Emporium mainly uses silver and gold letter for all our ribbons. However, additional customisation can be obtained by contacting Hamper Emporium’s graphics designer.

Which Corporate Hampers Go Well With This Ribbon?

Your choice of corporate hamper will not really have an impact on the appearance of your corporate hamper, considering the fact that each hamper is customised after the customer has chosen his preferred corporate hamper. 

Customers who cannot find a suitable corporate hamper in our range of pre-made corporate hampers can also create a hamper from scratch, this can be done by contacting the Hamper Emporium and requesting a special hamper.

There are certain business clients who want to advertise their products while they give a gift to an important client. For those business clients, we provide the opportunity to supply their products to Hamper Emporium, where after Hamper Emporium adds the necessary corporate branding on their products.

Still, most businesses who come to the Hamper Emporium for corporate hampers will choose one of the pre-made hampers from our large gift hamper range. In our range you will find several suitable choices, including gourmet hampers, whisky hampers, wine hampers and more.