Cat Cora's Pitted Green Olives with Chilli & Black Pepper 65g

Pitted green olives marinated in a mix of virgin olive oil, garlic, chilli and black pepper. Pack containing the most popular olives in the world, produced by Cat Cora's with fresh spices. Selection of pitted olives, seasoned with fresh chilli and ripened in the sun.

Marinated for several days in extra virgin olive oil, garlic, chilli & black pepper, these green olives are bursting with flavour. Enjoy Cat Cora's Pitted Olives with an antipasto platter or just savour the flavour as an afternoon snack.
Cat Cora's Kitchen Pitted Green Olives with Chilli and Black Pepper

The Hamper Emporium values the great flavours of Cat Cora's Kitchen products especially the Pitted Green Olives with Chilli and Black Pepper. Cat Cora's are the producers of the natural and healthy snack packs which originated from Greece, and it has already dominated the stores in Australia. The Cat Cora's Pitted Green Olives with Chilli and Black Pepper Snack Packs have been considered as an all-time favourite treat for all ages because of its amazing flavour and nutritious content. No wonder why The Hamper Emporium, makers of the finest gift hampers in Australia, has loaded these flavoursome treats in most of its gift hampers that will be massively produced for the Christmas Season. 

You might have tried the Cat Cora's Pitted Green Olives with Chilli and Black Pepper and certainly you were indulged with it, and your senses were awakened by its unique flavour. The holiday season will be the perfect timing for you to share the sweetness that these Cat Cora's goodies bring, and the best way for you to do that is by taking the gift hampers in the Emporium and send it as your presents to the all the important people of your life. You probably have your own reasons why you love the Cat Cora's Pitted Green Olives but below are the important things that you need to know about it.

Why Does The Cat Cora's Pitted Green Olives With Chilli And Black Pepper Snack Pack Tastes So Good?

The Cat Cora's Pitted Green Olives with Chilli and Black Pepper snack pack tastes so good because it is made of the natural ingredients that are found in Greece. This snack pack is made of fresh green olives and lemon juice that is seasoned in marinated virgin olive oil, chilli and black peppers.

Why Is It Considered As A Healthy And Nutritious Snack Pack?

Apart from the fact that this Cat Cora's Snack Pack is made from all natural ingredients, it has been considered as a healthy and nutritious snack pack because it is prepared delicately with no preservatives added or artificial flavourings to make it tastes better. You can also include this snack pack in your healthy diet every day, and your health-conscious mates will surely feel great when you give them this Christmas the elegant gift hampers from the Emporium that contains this nutritious Cat Cora's snack pack.

What Other Things You Need To Know About The Cat Cora's Pitted Green Olives With Chilli And Black Pepper Snack Pack?

Well, this satisfying snack pack has a lot of good things for you – its delectable taste and nutritious content. However, this Green Olives snack pack has a lot more to offer. One is that this Snack Pack has been found to be a good source of dietary fibre. Then it is liquid free and can be served as a nice snack anytime of the day. Surely the recipient of your gift hampers will be enticed with its one of a kind flavour since it has been filled with so much authentic Greek flavours.

You Want To Share Its Awesome Flavour To Your Mates?

If you want to share the pure flavour of the Cat Cora's Green Olives Snack Pack, then you should view the online webpage of the Hamper Emporium and grab its exclusive gift hampers that contains the treat with other savoury items, biscuits and sweets. The gift hampers of the Emporium are priced reasonably and amazing offers are available from time to time which include discounts. Try checking the webpage now and check out the Emporium's catalogue of surprises.

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