Comtesse du Barry Terrine De Gascogne 70g

Elegant pork dish made with carrot, salt, parsley and garlic. Delicious French pork usually served as an appetiser or simply as a snack. Classic French pork, often consumed with a rich relish or on a nice slice of country bread.

Drawn from tradition this Pork terrine is perfect as a flavoursome first course.  Made in Gimont, France. An important and delicious French delight featuring pork and deliciously rich flavours.
Comtesse du Barry Terrine de Gascogne

For hundreds of years, Comtesse du Barry products became an important part of every dish or canapé being served in special or ordinary occasions. These products are very essential in making simple slices of flavoursome bread and they can even turn your entree more delicious. Comtesse du Barry products will certainly transform and add flavour to all tuckers that you love to prepare especially during Christmas. 

Comtesse du Barry has produced so many flavourful goodies and one of them that has certainly captured the taste of a lot of people is the Comtesse du Barry Terrine de Gascogne. This delicious product is made of the best French pork and sated with the finest ingredients such as parsley, sugar, pepper, salt, porcine gelatin, egg, carrot and a lot more. The amazing taste of the Comtesse du Barry Terrine de Gascogne has already enticed most parts of the world, including Australia where it continues to indulge people like you. 

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     Delicious French delight made with pork with delicious flavour tones of carrot, parsley and garlic.