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Native Australian Chip Company BBQ & Wild Thyme

Absolutely delicious chips with smokey BBQ flavours and hints of Australian wild thyme. The perfect with an ice cold cider or beer. A great addition to a fresh cold beer, these crispy chips are made with Aussie wild thyme and are incredibly morish, you won't stop at just one. Scrumptious chips infused with Australian honey and wild thyme, will go great with an ice cold beers shared with friends.

Using Australian grown potatoes, Australian honey and finished with Wild Thyme sourced from South-Eastern Victoria. Enjoy every crispy bit from the Native Australian Chip Co, with the delicious flavours of honey and thyme.

Crunchy chips from the Native Australian Chip Co are infused with honey and wild thyme, they're so addictive you won't stop at one.

Sweet and spicy, this is what most Native Australian Chip Company lovers claimed when asked about the taste of the Honey Smoked BBQ & Wild Thyme. This is indeed a scrumptious snack mixed with the delicious Australian honey and a little bit of wild thyme. Its ingredients are sourced from the land of South Eastern Victoria. It is mostly composed of delicious grown potatoes of Australia, honey and wild thyme and as a result enhances the flavour leaving your taste buds inspired. Ingredients include some salt and potassium for flavours, thyme, herbs & spices, honey, potato, oil and more that are healthy and perfect for delivering the best potato chips out there. Make sure to fill your gift hampers with this product, your recipient will surely enjoy it. 

What Is Included in The United Nations of Beer Hamper?

If you are aiming to make your beer lover friends happy this holiday, why not give away this collection of delightful beers in one gift hamper, The United Nations of Beer Hamper. This hamper is affordable and comes with a wooden beer crate which is said to be custom made, which is then filled with world class brews. As a start, this hamper includes the Premium Lager of Grolsch in 330ml bottle made in Netherlands. Another lager is made from Germany, which offers distinct flavour, the Becks Lager. There's also the Peroni Nastro Azzuro from Italy, giving you an Italian flavoured beer. 

If you need something different that comes from France, the Kronenbourg 1664 Lager is also present to keep your taste buds satisfied. Your beer lover friends will really enjoy this hamper. In addition, it also has one of the best Lagers in Belgium, the Stella Artois Lager. Gift hampers with this type of calibre are truly worth buying. Don't forget that it also presents you with savoury products you and your friends can match with your yummy beers.

What Can You Expect from the ANZAC Ciders Hamper?

Great selections of ciders and nibbles in just one basket, this is what the ANZAC Ciders Hamper has to offer. For an affordable rate and free delivery Australia wide, this hamper is perfect for those who are fond of munching on premium nibbles and pair it with world class ciders and beers from around the globe. Gift hampers such as this are truly commendable if you want to celebrate an occasion such as birthdays, stag party, Christmas and more. This hamper offers the classic taste of Matilda Bay Dirty Granny Cider which gives you a balanced flavour of sweetness and a little bit of acidity. There's the pride of New Zealand which is the Monteith's Crushed Apple Cider. 

This hamper wouldn't be complete without Australia's very own Barossa Cider Co. in Squashed Apple Cider flavour. There are more ciders included that you shouldn't miss, plus the fact that it offers yummy nibbles ranging from Morgan & Albert's, Cat Cora's, Baylies Epicurean Delights, the Native Australian Chip and not to forget the sweet Gaea tapenade of Sundried Tomato. So what are you waiting for? Hurry now and grab gift hampers with inclusions like this, you will never regret it.

Are There More Gift Hampers Offering the Honey Smoked BBQ & Wild Thyme of Native Australian Chip Company?

If you're looking for more options of gift hampers, The Hamper Emporium has what you need. There's the Beers of Australia Hamper, the James Squire Ale Hamper, the MicroBreweries of Australia Hamper, and the Premium United Nations of Beer Hamper. All these offers the delicious potato chips of Native Australian Chip Company in honey smoked BBQ and wild thyme flavour. So don't hesitate to purchase gift hampers mentioned above and your gift recipient will definitely enjoy your gift.

These addictive chips are deliciously infused with Australian wild thyme and honey. Share them with friends or keep them all to yourself!