Luke Mangan Tasmanian Quince Paste 60g

Luke Mangan is a true expert and brings us a divine fruit paste that's the perfect addition to any good cheese platter. Blended from the finest Tasmanian ingredients; this is the perfect quince paste to accompany the finest quality cheeses. Luke Mangan can do no wrong! This fresh fruit paste made in Tasmania is the perfect side to your favourite cheese platter.

A sensational Australian quince fruit paste made in Tasmania with the freshest ingredients. A delicious addition to cheese platters.

A sensational Australian quince fruit paste made in Tasmania with the freshest ingredients. A delicious addition to cheese platters.

Need Something To Complement Your Cheese Platter? Try the Quince Paste From Tasmanian Fruit Pastes!

When you need something to complement your favourite cheese, we can really recommend a nice Tasmanian fruit paste from our gift hampers range. One of the Tasmanian fruit pastes that is definitely worth a try is the Tasmanian Fruit Pastes Quince Paste, an excellent fruit paste made with fresh Tasmanian ingredients. 

Can You Tell Me More About The Quince Paste From Tasmanian Fruit Pastes?

Customers looking for pastes based on fresh fruit will find the perfect treat in the Quince Paste from Tasmanian Fruit Pastes. The paste is made from fresh Tasmanian fruit and subjected to several quality control tests to ensure superior flavour. 

Quince paste from Tasmanian Fruit Pastes is most commonly used on cheese. The paste itself brings forward an interesting new flavour, but also enhances the flavour of a mature cheddar or parmesan. When you try one of the Tasmanian Fruit Pastes with some cheese, we can also recommended combining your cheese treat with a nice glass of wine, since it enhances your tasting experience even more!

Which Gift Hampers Contain This Gorgeous Quince Paste?

Anyone who wishes to explore the flavour combinations of Tasmanian Fruit Pastes Quince Paste should go for our White Wine & Nibbles Hamper, which contains a variety of products that can be added to your cheese platter and enhance its flavour unlike any other.

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Our White Wine & Nibbles Gift Hampers also contain the 2014 Devil's Corner Tasmanian Sauvignon Blanc. The Sauvignon Blanc in this hamper is meant to enhance your cheese tasting experience. It is a dry Sauvignon Blanc with a gorgeous palate of citrus and a good aftertaste. 

The Hamper Emporium range also contains other gift hampers that can complement your cheese tasting experience, which includes our Red Wine & Nibbles Gift Hampers. If you want to try some additional flavour combinations and the Tasmanian Fruit Pastes, we recommend trying a few of our gift hampers containing this gorgeous treat.


Luke has produced a balanced fruit paste that is a simply outstanding match to any quality cheese platter. Delicious!