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Thomas Chipman Rosemary & Thyme Organic Chips 100g

Traditional selection of Thomas Chipman potato chips, certified organic and gluten free. An excellent selection of organic potato chips from Thomas Chipman, flavoured with hints of rosemary and thyme. Great selection of organic potato chips, does not contain MSG, preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Let your senses be enticed by the aromatic flavours of Thomas Chipman's Rosemary &Thyme Potato Chips. Savour the glamorous flavour of Rosemary and Thyme Organic Chips, the perfect snack without the guilt.
Thomas Chipman Rosemary & Thyme Organic Chips

Have you ever wondered why so many people love to grab a bag of the famous Thomas Chipman treats? It's because these extraordinary treats are made with only the best organic and natural ingredients found in Australia. From its Corn chips, Potato Chips, Sweet Potato Chips, Beetroot Chips, Parsnip Chips and Mixed Root Chips, Thomas Chipman ensures you that its products are carefully made to perfection and maintain their finest quality.

Thomas Chipman food items are certified as organic and gluten-free which means that they are made using the premium quality of healthful ingredients and is safe for all ages. These products are also certified as Kosher and Halal.    

This holiday season, share a healthy lifestyle to your love ones, mates and relatives by giving the best gift hampers from the Hamper Emporium which are filled with healthy and nourishing treats like the Thomas Chipman chips. Certainly, many of them will be very happy and will feel very excited to open a bag of Thomas Chipman potato chips particularly the flavourful Thomas Chipman Rosemary & Thyme Organic Potato Chips.

Why So Many People Crave For The Thomas Chipman Rosemary & Thyme Organic Potato Chips?

Millions of people in Australia crave for the Thomas Chipman Rosemary & Thyme Organic Potato Chips because of its flavourful and indulging taste. This product will make you crave for more as soon as you take a small bite of it. One thing that separates this Rosemary & Thyme Organic Potato Chips from the rest is that it has a real potato taste since it is made from fresh organic potatoes unlike the others which are made from artificial flavourings and other substances. Also, the Thomas Chipman Rosemary & Thyme Organic Potato Chips smells so good that it will delight your senses and make you feel great.    

What Special Ingredients Make The Thomas Chipman Rosemary & Thyme Organic Potato Chips?

The Special ingredients of the Thomas Chipman Rosemary & Thyme Organic Potato Chips are, organic potatoes, organic vegetable oil, rosemary, thyme and se salt. These ingredients are carefully prepared using the guiding principles and procedures of Thomas Chipman to attain the perfect taste of the indulging potato chips.

Is The Thomas Chipman Rosemary & Thyme Organic Potato Chips Beneficial To You?        

This product is not just beneficial for you but also for other people. That is why you should give this as one of the treats in the gift hampers that you will share this Christmas. The Thomas Chipman Rosemary & Thyme Potato Chips are healthy and beneficial to you because it's organic, gluten-free, no cholesterol, no artificial ingredients, no MSG and nut free. It also has a low salt level which makes it promising to those who are aiming to live a healthy lifestyle. In fact, this product is ideal for those with celiac and kids will also enjoy eating this.

Is This Available In The Hamper Emporium?

These one of a kind and nutritious products are available in the Hamper Emporium and are contained in the gift hampers that are already available, as early as now, for the holidays. Check out the online page of the Hamper Emporium and search for the product and find out in what gift hampers can you find it. Avail also of the discounts and other surprises offered only for Christmas when you purchase gift hampers in the Emporium.     Rosemary and Thyme organic potato chips that will have everyone wanting more.