Baylies Epicurean Sliced Fruits in Barossa Brandy 290g

Delicious traditional treat made in the Adelaide Hills containing special Barossa brandy syrup. Apricot, apple, nectar, peach, pear & prune slices covered in gorgeous Barossa brandy syrup, made in the Australian Adelaide Hills. A real Australian treat made with the finest Barossa brandy syrup and fruits.

Made in the Adelaide Hills, these apricots, apple, nectarin, peach, pear & prunes slices are soaking in a special Barossa brandy syrup.
Brandied Fruit Gift Hampers: A Special Treat for Everyone
Remember your grandmother putting sliced fruits in a mason jar and pouring brandy in it? Brandied fruits may be as old as your grandmother but admit it or not, this treat is heavenly and is indeed very cool. In the old days, people would put sliced fruits like prune plums, peaches, apples and apricots in glass jars to preserve them using alcohol like wine and brandy. This is actually the easiest way of preserving fruits and apparently, they mixed the fruits with alcohol since alcohol tastes better in time and it is a great preservation ingredient. Brandied fruits are truly amazing. They are sumptuous and delightful in many ways; thus they can be perfect for your gift hampers to be sent to your friends and loved ones.

Amazing Gift Hampers: Baylies Brandied Sliced Fruits
Brandied fruits have been popular ever since and until today; there are some people who still preserve fruits using alcohol. However, days are now being fast paced and people are getting busier each day so they no longer have time to do the process of making brandied fruits. Perhaps, there are times that you want to revive those days of gawking on glassed jars and waiting until you can finally eat those tempting brandied fruits. Despite your busy days, you can still have those sliced fruits drowning in a colourful mason jar with brandy. Getting this treat is actually much easier now since you just have to order online and have your brandied fruit gift hampers next to your door the moment you want them.

With these mouth-watering sliced fruits, you can relieve all those beautiful childhood memories of preserving and eating sliced fruits. These sliced fruits come in Barossa brandy syrup which is used to preserved summer fruits including apples, peaches, apricots, nectarines and prunes. At the Hamper Emporium, your brandied sliced fruits will come as gift hampers beautifully wrapped in a classy gift box. Though you are giving this gift to yourself, you will still feel that someone has actually sent it to you as a gift.

Brandied Sliced Fruits for your Friends and Loved Ones
You may not be the only one craving for brandied sliced fruits. You may not be the only one wanting to relieve childhood memories. Your friends and loved ones may be feeling the same way you do. Because brandied fruits are traditional, they are also very special for people who once have experienced the bliss of preserving summer fruits.

While you take pleasure in eating those mouth-watering brandied fruits, you may want to share with your friends the bliss of having these gift hampers. Make them feel remembered as you both reminisce while having a blissful dinner. Baylies Epicurean delights sliced fruits will surely help you and your friends feel relaxed and calm as the brandy gives you a soothing effect that will take you to those good old days where staring at those glassed jars was already a bliss. Try these brandied sliced fruits and you will surely thank those lovely gift hampers the next day. You might even get addicted to them and ask for more gift hampers and gift boxes to unwrap.

Brandied Sliced Fruits for your Taste Buds
Fruits are not just healthy. They also taste good especially the summer fruits which your grandmother usually preserved. Luckily, you can satisfy your taste buds with these sliced fruits with Barossa brandy syrup. The sweet taste of fruits greatly complements the bitter taste of brandy which makes them a perfect match to preserve your favourite fruits. This special Australian treat will surely leave you asking for more brandied fruit gift hampers to be sent at your doorstep.

Likewise, these sliced brandied fruits will make your friends and loved ones blissful as they give them a wonderful and exceptional taste bud experience. Keep this jar of brandied fruits at hand so you can always take a bite of your favourite summer fruits. Whether you are home, at your friend’s place or at the office, you can have your brandied fruit gift hampers. Above all, you don’t have to go to shopping malls to find this wonderful treat; you just have to order online and voila! You can have your brandied sliced fruits at your very doorstep.