Dolfin Squares Gift Box 27x10g

Delicious Belgian chocolates in a beautiful gift box, perfect for the holidays or another special occasion. Selection of Belgian chocolate squares, created by Belgian chocolatier Dolfin. An excellent selection of Belgian square chocolates from chocolatier Dolfin, a great gift to share.

27 10g chocolates, beautifully presented Dolfin chocolates in a gift box that will be sure to ‘wow’ your recipient

Dolfin Squares Gift Box

Dolfin makes the best and finest quality of chocolates that everyone of all ages will surely love. Well known all over the world, these mouth-watering chocolates are made to satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings. The magical taste of a single bite of a Dolfin Chocolate will surely bring out the child in you. This is the kind of chocolate that melts in your mouth and turns your taste buds to savour its enticing flavours. No wonder most people love to grab Dolfin chocolates not just for their personal satisfaction but as gifts to share in ordinary and special occasions to the people close to their heart. The tradition of giving Dolfin chocolates as presents to love ones still lives on because of its flavourful and irresistible taste that everyone will surely look for. Hamper Emporium values this tradition, thus, aside from its popular gift hampers and Christmas hampers, it has delicately prepared wonderful gift boxes filled with the finest Dolfin dark and white chocolates.

Gift Boxes

The Hamper Emporium, Maker of the highly recommended gift hampers and Christmas hampers prepared for you amazing gift boxes full of Dolfin chocolates. These are the most sought after chocolates in the market but Hamper Emporium gathered them together like you ever wanted. Inside the box are the tasty flavours of the popular Dolfin dark chocolates, the delightful flavours of white chocolates with almonds, caramel and hazelnuts. All these chocolates are enclosed in twenty-seven (27) colourful and uniquely designed packages.

These gift boxes are also perfect as presents this holiday season for your friends and love ones or to those people who are fond of eating chocolates. With its simple yet attractive packaging, this gift box is an alternative for gift hampers and Christmas hampers that the Hamper Emporium offers. 

Dolfin Dark Chocolates

Dolfin Dark Chocolates are the best of its kind. Widely known in Australia and the rest of the world, these luscious dark chocolates are made with the best ingredients to make it more appealing and delightful. You can grab in the box varieties of dark chocolates with lemon & ginger, orange, pink pepper, almonds and the ones with 88% cocoa. 

Dolfin White Chocolates

The Hamper Emporium made this gift box as good as its gift hampers and Christmas hampers. It is not just with the number of goodies inside but should be the premium qualities available, thus, this Dolfin gift box, aside from the dark chocolates, also has white chocolates with amazing flavours of cocoa, caramel, Belgian spice and hazelnuts.

Best Ever Gift Box

Share your sweetness with this Dolfin Gift Box and get to amaze with the exciting effect it has. You will find a lot of gift boxes online yet you will not be satisfied with the goodies found inside, but not with this Dolfin Gift box being offered by the Hamper Emporium. At an affordable price you will get to enjoy this bunch of Dolfin treats without any regrets and fill your holiday cheers with these delightful chocolates. So why still continue searching for other gift boxes? Now is your chance, while choosing the ideal gift hampers and Christmas hampers in the wide array of options in the Hamper Emporium, grab also these great gift boxes while it’s still available.