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Jules Des Trooper Butter Crisps 100g

Gorgeous butter crisps made from the finest Belgian butter, still the unchallenged favourite of many. Belgium’s most famous biscuit selection, something you definitely cannot afford to miss. Exquisite Belgian butter crisps that made the Jules Destrooper biscuit manufacturer famous.

Purveyor to the Belgian Royal Household, Des Trooper make this golden-crisp butter waffle to the 19th-century family recipe.

Specialising in Belgian production, Jules Des Trooper is one of the popular companies leading the way to impressive selections of biscuits and even cakes. One of its highly in demand waffles is the Jules Des Trooper Butter Crisps in 100g pack. This butter crisps is famous because of its mouth watering Belgian butter prepared in its golden form using the company's very own family recipe that has been in existence since the 19th century. This waffle is so delicious that it is exported everywhere around the globe and as well as loved by most Australians. So if you want gift hampers packed with delicious waffles, make sure to grab one with Jules Des Trooper Butter Crisps in it. 

How Does the Belgian Butter Crisps of Jules Des Trooper Tastes Like?

This treat is dipped in a mouth watering Belgian chocolate hence it tastes so buttery and sweet perfect if you're craving for something sweet that comes in just the right amount of crispiness on the outside and its inside simply melts slowly in your mouth. Yes, this waffle butter crisps is really tempting, it oozes with vanilla flavour and will excite your taste buds because of its ample butter ingredient in it. You will really enjoy this treat with friends and even if you're alone. Gift hampers with waffles such as the Jules Des Trooper Belgian Butter Crisps are very enjoyable to have.

What Gift Hamper Offers the Butter Crisps of Jules Des Trooper?

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Does This Hamper Comes With Free Delivery Service?

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