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Old Dominion Brittle Gift Box 454g

The most gorgeous selection of peanut brittle from the Old Dominion, covered in a delicious layer of chocolate. Old-fashioned peanut brittle with a modern chocolate covering, creating one of the most delicious brittle treats ever. Traditional Old Dominion peanut brittle with a layer of premium, Australian chocolate.

The crisp and delicious peanut brittle is a mixture of brittle drenched in a chocolaty covering is a confectionery marriage made in heaven. Sinfully rich and irresistible. Do You Love A Good Piece Of Brittle? Get the Old Dominion Brittle Gift Box!

There are not many people who can create an absolutely perfect piece of brittle. However, there is always one brand you can count on for perfect brittle, more specifically Old Dominion. The Old Dominion brittle is known and loved all over the world, so it could not be missing from our collection of gift hampers. Experience the delicious taste of Old Dominion brittle yourself and opt for one of our gift hampers today!

What Is So Special About Old Dominion Brittle?

Old Dominion brittle has been around for quite some time. The company itself was founded in 1913, so they have been creating gorgeous brittle for more than a hundred years. One of the most exquisite products you can find from Old Dominion is their peanut brittle, also due to the fact that Old Dominion is located in Norfolk, Virginia, an area famous for its delicious peanuts. So, if you are a true brittle fan, you simply cannot afford to miss out on the taste of Old Dominion brittle.

In addition to peanut brittle, you will find other types of brittle from the Old Dominion brand. Next to peanut brittle, you will also find delicious treats such as cashew brittle, peanut crunch candy, butter toffee peanuts, butter toasted cashew, sugar pecans and many more.

Where Can I Find Brittle On Hamper Emporium?

Hamper Emporium has included a good amount of Old Dominion brittle in its gift hampers. In addition to our Old Dominion Brittle Gift Box, you will also be able to find peanut brittle and cashew brittle in our gift hampers. To find the selection of brittle in our gift hampers, please head over to our gourmet hampers.

Do You Have Christmas Hampers With Brittle?

Christmas would not be complete without a good piece of traditional brittle, so you will also find peanut and cashew brittle in our collection of Christmas hampers. Of course, each of our Christmas hampers also contains additional traditional treats such as handmade chocolates or delicate French biscuits. 

For a full overview of all our Christmas hampers, please head over to our Christmas hampers category. You will also find that our Christmas hampers are divided into three categories: chocolate hampers, corporate hampers and gourmet hampers. To find brittle, please select gourmet hampers.

When Can I Expect My Brittle To Arrive?

Hamper Emporium ships all orders within one business day, so customers do not have to wait long for their brittle gift hamper to arrive. The delivery time does somewhat depend on where you live, so be sure to check out our delivery page to find out the exact delivery time for your hamper.

Can I Call Up If I Have Questions?

Do you need some help finding the perfect gift? Or would you like to know more about Old Dominion Brittle or any of the other products available on Hamper Emporium? Give our customer service team a call at 1300-459-452. You can also reach us by email, simply send your message to sales@thehamperemporium.com.au.