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Our gorgeous vegan hampers are the perfect gift for any vegan friend or family member. We have carefully selected a range of vegan-friendly treats, wines, gifts, and goodies that your vegan will love. Whether you are looking for a vegan hamper for a birthday, Christmas, or any other special celebration, there is sure to be a hamper that will fit the occasion. A luxury vegan hamper is a thoughtful way to send a gift to your vegan friends. Selecting only vegan friendly products for their gift hamper shows that you respect and support their efforts to follow a vegan diet and lifestyle.

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Vegan Hampers Australia

The Hamper Emporium team have hand selected a range of gourmet vegan food, wine, champagne, spirits, and vegan gifts to create the most beautiful vegan gift hampers in Australia. Our vegan hampers make it easy for you to arrange to have your vegan gifts delivered for any occasion. Order online for vegan Christmas hampers, wellness gifts, and vegan housewarming gifts. Every item included in these hampers are vegan and cruelty-free. For a celebration, your vegan friends will be glad to know you made the effort to choose a thoughtful gift so that everyone can raise a glass to toast with vegan champagne.

Vegan hampers are ideal for socially conscious, ethical corporate gifting. If you need to send a message about your company values, our diverse range of vegan hampers will help showcase your commitment to animal-friendly and sustainable gifting. Arrange to have your vegan gifts delivered including celebratory vegan champagne.

What vegan food and wine is included in our vegan hampers?

Each of our vegan gift hampers contain a carefully chosen selection of premium vegan products and vegan foods. Enjoy vegan snacks, vegan sweets, plus vegan wine and spirits. Each of the included products are dairy free and lactose free like the delicious French vanilla roasted almonds, organic English Breakfast tea, and vegan wine from Mr Riggs winery. Each of the red wines from winemaker Ben Riggs is vegan friendly. The aptly named Sulis cabernet features in our vegan wine hampers. Sulis was the Celtic goddess of healing and sacred waters, and was associated with wisdom and decision-making, making it the perfect addition to any gift for your vegan friends and family to enjoy.

What vegan skincare products are included in our vegan hampers?

Nektar Australia offers a wonderful natural and vegan skincare range that we are proud to include in our vegan hampers. Every Nektar product is made with essential oils, free from palm oil, and 100% cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. From Jervis Bay, the wonderful Booderee range of vegan skincare and plant-based hand washes are invigorating and uplifting. Enjoy the gender-neutral scent and essential oils from a family owned company proudly producing small-batch, vegan-friendly beauty products.

Is champagne vegan?

Not all champagnes are suitable for vegans. Some champagne and sparkling wines use animal derived products in the fining process to clarify the wine. Champagnes can be filtered with fining agents that include egg whites, casein (milk protein), isinglass (fish bladders), gelatine (from animal bones/tendons), carmine (from dried cochineal beetles), or chitosan (from crustaceans). Because these products are only used during the production process they are often not listed as ingredients so you can’t always tell if a champagne is vegan friendly. Luckily, there are a range of world-class vegan champagnes that don’t use animal products as fining agents.

What champagne is vegan?

The champagne and sparkling wines in our vegan hampers do not use animal or dairy products. Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, and Chandon Australia are all world-class vegan friendly champagnes and sparkling wines.

Is Moët and Chandon vegan? The world’s most popular champagne house, Moët & Chandon, produces only vegan-friendly champagne. The company has confirmed that its rosé, brut and other champagnes are not made with animal or egg products. Moët and Chandon champagne is also gluten-free. This makes Moët a wonderful option if you are looking for gluten free vegan hampers.

Is Veuve Clicquot vegan? Veuve Clicquot is vegan friendly as their winemakers use mineral-based products (such as bentonite or Kieselguhr - a form of diatomaceous earth) to clarify and filter their champagnes. Veuve Clicquot doesn't use animal or dairy products at any stage to make their champagne, so it can be happily enjoyed by vegans.

Is Chandon sparkling wine vegan? Chandon Brut and Rosé are both vegan friendly. While Domaine Chandon Australia has not applied for registration to be Vegan Australia Certified, they are very pleased to confirm they use no animal products to make the sparkling wines in our vegan hampers. 

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