What are the Best Christmas Chocolate Hampers for Him?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:2 November 2016 

Ladies, listen. We know how hard it is to get it out from your man what he wants for a gift this Christmas. We usually tell ourselves “Don’t ask, just get him something”. But honestly, you prefer to at least see a flash of smile once you hand him your present, right? Still, we wouldn’t get them to say what they really want. But why bother? We all want the same thing, and that is to give him something that he will be happy about.

Here at The Hamper Emporium, we have gifts and presents that would make both sexes happy. And if you are still trying to figure out what to get your dad or your husband, or even your boyfriend this Christmas, you are on the right page! Forget about the leather belts, the straight cut jeans, the boxing gloves, and the handmade hat you initially planned to buy for him as Christmas present. Let’s get it straight to their hearts through the closest route possible – through their tummies!

But wait, you seem pretty reserved with the idea of giving your man some chocolate hampers this holiday season. Well, The Hamper Emporium has some great news for you. Check out these products and see for yourself how masculine some of our Christmas hampers are.

What Christmas Hampers Do You Have That Men Would Really Want?

Flowers? Forget it. Ribbons? Try again. Sports Car? Definitely, but let’s not take it too far with that. Yes, they are all big with luxury stuff and gadgets which is why they seldom buy stuff even for themselves. On the other hand, it doesn’t say anywhere that there shouldn’t be any ounce of sweetness when we talk about presents for men.

For this holiday season, you might want to start off with our Luxury in Black and Gold hamper. The colour scheme says it all. Black and gold suggest strength, but at the same time, the combination doesn’t lose the elegant stance of a dignified man.

Though it might appear as something plain and monochromatic, Christmas hampers like this contain some flashes of colours through the nibbles included in this nice gift basket. The dark chocolate coffee beans and the roasted nuts are two of our best-selling gourmet that men find as the perfect match for beer or wine. Chocolate hampers like this also come with the luxury chocolate fruit and nut to cap off the three boxes – all from Morgan’s.

Completing this Christmas hamper is a bottle of Brown Brothers Pinot-Noir – Chardonnay – Pinot Meunier. One of the world’s finest sparkling wine, it can also provide many savoury options for food and gourmet dishes for men who love to cook. 

What are Your Most Recommended Chocolate Hampers?

From luxurious black and gold, let’s go to the other end of the continuum for men who prefer being at the other extreme end. Make sure to check out the Christmas Star and Chocolates hamper. One of our highly recommended Christmas hampers, this gift basket contains boxes of Morgan’s milk chocolate coated pretzels and peanuts to match your bottle of Brown Brothers sparkling wine.

This hamper is your Christmas edition of some of our best gourmet and chocolate hampers such as the Sweet Bites hamper, which also has the French vanilla almond box from Morgan’s and other sweet treats like the Butlers dark chocolate salt caramel, Anna’s almond thins, and The Galettes Saint Remi from Fossier. If you enjoyed the entire thing or maybe the equally nice Sweet and White hamper you bought Dad last year, then Christmas Star and Chocolates is among the ideal Christmas hampers for you this holiday season.

What Could Be Great Christmas Present Ideas for a Man Who Loves Gifts With the Best Value?

If you find some of our hampers to extravagant for that one special man in your life, then try out some of our Christmas hampers that are well loved by minimalists. If a basket containing too many chocolate variants is not your thing, no worries, we definitely have something for you as well. Because here at The Hamper Emporium, we have chocolate hampers for different types and levels of chocolate lovers.

For starters, you might want to give him our Christmas chocolates and Brown Brothers Red Wine hamper. Chocolate hampers like this are perfect for men who love chocolates and wine but would prefer to have just enough. Aside from the three boxes of Morgan’s chocolates, nibbles, and gourmet nuts it’s just him and his nice bottle of red wine from the cellars of Brown Brothers – one of the finest wine makers in the world.

Another similar option would be our Christmas Red Wine and Chocolates hamper. With this one, you have more choices of chocolates to satisfy your cravings. Match that with a bottle of red wine and you got yourself and your man a celebration. Give your man chocolate hampers that are perfect for quick but nice and quiet little celebrations. Perfect for men who have lots of party invitations this holiday season.

Men loves eating – a lot! So why go small with the amount of sweets to give him? And if your recipient is someone like this, then you should check out some of these hampers. Try out our Best of All Christmas Gift hamper. This chocolate hamper has a lot – and we mean A LOT – to offer.

With gourmet snacks and nibbles ranging from crackers, almond thins, French galettes, chocolate truffles, and chocolate covered fruits and nuts, give him a sumptuous but sweet collection that will surely satisfy his cravings. Of course, the products that are included in this nicely arranged and packed gift basket all came from only the best names and brands all over the world such as Baylies, Willie’s Cacaos, and Butler to name a few. Topped by a bottle of red wine, this is one of the chocolate hampers that will make your lucky recipient hooked.

Where Can I Get These Yummy Chocolate Hampers?

There is a wide variety of Christmas hampers at The Hamper Emporium, including delectable chocolate hampers which are sure to make your special man smile and love you even more. Browse our online store and get some of the most affordable deals we have to offer. Place your orders before they get sold out!

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