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Match the Perfect Chocolate Selection to Your Recipient!

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:27 June 2017 

Discover Your Options in our Australian Christmas Hampers Today!

Are you searching for the perfect gift for a chocoholic in the Australian Christmas hampers collection at the Hamper Emporium? If so, be sure to check out some recommendations below, which display the finest chocolate selections from our Australian Christmas hampers collection.

What Is the Best Chocolate Selection in the Australian Christmas Hampers Collection for Recipients Preferring Pralines?

Are you searching for Australian Christmas hampers for recipients who prefer pralines? If so, then be sure to head over to the Chocolates & Red Hamper. The Chocolates & Red Hamper contains a box of Butlers Handmade Chocolate pralines, containing some of the finest pralines in the world.

The Butlers Handmade Chocolate Selection only contains handmade pralines and truffles; this includes a white chocolate gianduja, 70% dark truffles & white chocolate lemon sorbet. Some of the pralines inside have even won awards, so it is difficult to go wrong with the Butlers Handmade Chocolate Selection inside the Chocolates & Red Hamper.

In addition to delicious chocolates, the Chocolates & Red Hamper also contains chocolate-fudge cookies, Morgan’s nibbles and a bottle of exquisite Cape Mentelle Shiraz. So, this hamper is not only suitable for chocoholics, but also for those who love a good wine and some nibbles during the holiday season.

What Is the Best Chocolate for Adventurous Chocoholics?

There are also chocolates in our range that are quite suitable for chocoholics with an addiction to more adventurous chocolates. The most adventurous chocolate in our collection is undoubtedly chocolate from Willie’s Cacao, of which you can find many in our collection of Australian Christmas hampers.

One of the most adventurous chocolate squares from Willie’s Cacao can also be found in our Chocolates & Red Hamper – Willie’s Peruvian 70% Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts & Raisins. Willie’s Peruvian 70% Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts & Raisins is made in the United Kingdom, but that does not mean this chocolate is not adventurous, since it is made from the finest exotic cacao beans.

The pure cacao beans that are used to make Willie’s Cacao chocolate squares certainly provide many benefits where flavour is concerned. Opposed to common chocolate options, Willie’s Cacao ensures that the full flavour of the cacao beans comes to the forefront in their exotic chocolate squares. So, it is no surprise that Willie’s Cacao chocolate is quite different from mass-produced chocolate.

What Is the Best Chocolate Truffle Selection at the Hamper Emporium?

The best chocolate truffle selection at the Hamper Emporium is also provided by Butlers Irish Chocolates, more specifically Butlers Chocolate Truffles.

Butlers Chocolate Truffles Selection was created after listening to Butlers Irish Chocolate customers. Regular customers were asked about their favourite chocolate flavours and truffles from the brand, after which Butlers Irish Chocolates added their favourite chocolate flavours into one gift box. This gift box is Butlers Chocolate Truffles Selection.

Does the Hamper Emporium Offer Any Chocolate-Covered Treats?

If you are not looking for pure chocolate, but for chocolate-covered treats, you will also find many options at the Hamper Emporium. One hamper that contains such treats is the Moet with Australian Chocolates & Nuts Hamper, which contains three delightful gift boxes from Morgan’s and a bottle of Moet & Chandon champagne.

Two of the three boxes of Morgan’s treats are covered with the finest Australian chocolate. These treats are Morgan’s Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans and Morgan’s Luxury Chocolate Fruit & Nut Mix. Each of these treats are made with fresh ingredients and present the fullest flavours, so even those who aren’t considered chocoholics will appreciate the unique tasting experience these treats can offer.

When you choose the Moet with Australian Chocolates & Nuts, your recipient will also receive an excellent bottle of Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial NV Champagne. The Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial NV Champagne is considered as one of the best champagnes in the world, and is also the flagship champagne of the Moet & Chandon champagne range.

The Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial NV Champagne is characterised by a refreshing palate and lively aroma. It is a champagne goes extremely well with gourmet foods containing white meats, fish and fresh food, so we have no doubt that recipients can combine this champagne with some gourmet foods served during the holiday season.

Does the Hamper Emporium Offer Chocolate-Fudge Gift Bags?

In addition to pure chocolates and chocolate-covered treats, the Hamper Emporium also offers several bags off assorted chocolate-fudge. If you require chocolate-fudge for your recipient, be sure to look at the Sweet & White Hamper, since this hamper contains Butlers Assorted Fudge Gift Box and numerous other chocolate selections from Butlers.

The Sweet & White Hamper contains a fine selection of Butlers Assorted Fudge, but also the award-winning ‘Dessert Menu’, Butlers Dark Chocolate Salt Caramels and Butlers Chocolates Caramel Truffles.

All chocolates inside the Sweet & White Hamper are complemented by the 2015 Devil’s Corner Tasmanian Sauvignon Blanc. The 2015 Devil’s Corner Tasmanian Sauvignon Blanc is characterised by a fresh palate, which has some clear notes of citrus and passionfruit. The 2015 Devil’s Corner Tasmanian Sauvignon Blanc also displays some clean grassy notes, so the wine can certainly be an option throughout the year.

Not quite sure if you should choose the Sweet & White Hamper? Then, let us convince you with the last addition to this exquisite hamper – two boxes of the finest Morgan’s nibbles! Inside these Morgan’s gift boxes, customers will find fresh honey-roasted peanuts and chocolate pretzels, two treats that match the holiday season perfectly!

What Other Chocolate Treats Could I Find at the Hamper Emporium?

There is much chocolate in the hampers of the Hamper Emporium. To ensure you are aware of everything we could offer you, we recommend that customers check the entire catalogue before adding their preferred hampers to their cart.

Do you have a question about any of our chocolate hampers? Feel free to contact the Hamper Emporium team for more information today! Simply give us a call, or send us an email to acquire the information you require.

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