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Chocolate Brands We Use at the Hamper Emporium

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:22 March 2016 

Are you a big fan of the chocolate hampers on the Hamper Emporium? Do you want to know more about the brands we use in our chocolate hampers? Then this is the article for you! Below, you will find more information about the chocolates in the Hamper Emporium chocolate hampers. So get ready to be showered with chocolate-related information!

The Finest Chocolates in Ireland – Butlers Chocolates

Butlers chocolates is probably one of the best known chocolate brands in the world and is used regularly in our chocolate hampers. When you love a good piece of chocolate, or know someone who would appreciate some chocolate gift boxes, our chocolate hampers containing Butlers chocolates will be absolutely perfect. Still, to prove how good Butlers chocolate really is, we have to look at their history and achievements!

Marion Butler founded Butlers Chocolates in Dublin’s Lad Lane in 1932. She started her business with a true passion for chocolates and created her first chocolate confections called “Chez Nous Chocolates”. The handcrafted chocolates from Marion Butler were a big success locally and were sold to individuals as well as popular horse shows in Dublin. 

In 1959, Marion Butler decided to sell her chocolate company to Seamus Sorensen, who decided to maintain the traditional values of the chocolates and rename the brand to “Butlers Irish Chocolates” in honour of its creator. Once Seamus Sorensen took over the chocolate business, Butlers chocolates experienced rapid expansion in Ireland and the rest of the world.

The first retail store of Butlers Chocolates opened its doors in 1960. Almost 24 years later, the Sorensen family decided to rename “Chez Nous Chocolates” to “Butlers Irish Chocolates” as an homage to the creator of the handmade treats. 

Butlers Irish Chocolates did not only expand their business with retail stores, the company decided to expand with so-called chocolate cafés as well. The first chocolate café opened its doors in 1998 in Wicklow Street, a popular shopping district in Dublin. While opening their chocolate café, they also added the trademarked Butlers Hot Chocolate to their range of products, increasing their popularity even more.
Nowadays, Butlers Irish Chocolates has multiple retail stores and chocolate cafés all across the globe. By creating affiliates in each country,
Butlers Irish Chocolates can guarantee the quality of the chocolates and the freshness of their products. This is something the Hamper

Emporium appreciates, so these chocolates are more than worthy of their place in our chocolate hampers!

Exotic Chocolates at Their Best – Willie’s Cacao

William “Willie” George Harcourt-Cooze, the founder of Willie’s Cacao, always had a love for exotic locations and flavours. Born to a half-Burmese father and an Irish Mother, Willie had a real sense of adventure. This sense of adventure would come in handy, because it led to the creation the most recognisable exotic chocolate brands in the world – Willie’s Cacao.

After his marriage to well-known model Tania Coleridge, Willie set out to Venezuela for his honeymoon. During the honeymoon, he came across a property of 1,000 acres called cocoa hacienda El Tesoro. After returning to London for a year, Willie bought the property as the base of operations for his chocolate factory.

To get the necessary cacao beans for his exotic chocolates, Willie planted more than 50,000 cacao trees on the estate. In 1998, he started creating pure cacao bars by using moulds made from clay pipes. The chocolates were sold to the local population, but eventually led to an international enterprise unlike any other.

Over the course of time, Willie bought a property in Devon, England. He relocated his chocolate factory and upgraded all the chocolate making equipment he had come to own. Shortly after the modernisation of the company, Willie was featured in a program on British Channel. The program “Willie’s Wonky Chocolate Factory” made Willie into a international celebrity and catapulted the chocolates to the top of the chocolate industry.

Given the exotic flavours of Willie’s Cacao chocolates, the Hamper Emporium was more than happy to add some Willie’s Cacao chocolate squares to their range of chocolate hampers. If you are in the mood for something different, and love exotic chocolate flavours, we recommend you try one of the chocolate hampers containing these amazing chocolate squares.

The Best Chocolates Australia Has to Offer – Fardoulis

We have many international chocolate brands in our range of chocolate hampers, but we also needed a good Australian brand to complement the range of chocolates we had. In the end, we chose Fardoulis, one of the best premium chocolate manufacturers in Australia!

Fardoulis started creating chocolates in 1985. Their first idea was a chocolate swirl that could be served in restaurants and hotels as an after dinner mint. They eventually created a two-toned chocolate swirl with milk chocolate and dark chocolate. These chocolate swirls were a huge success and the company eventually expanded to producing more than 400,000 units of chocolate per week.

Since the founding of the company in 1985, Fardoulis has grown into one of the main chocolate suppliers in Australia. To stay on top of the Australian chocolate market, they are constantly innovating their recipes, flavours and even packaging. 

In 2002, Fardoulis created beautiful gift boxes for the retail market, considering the popularity of Fardoulis in the wedding industry at that time. The success of the gift boxes eventually went beyond the wedding industry and found their way to some of the biggest department stores in Australia. If you tend to buy chocolate when you go out shopping, it is likely you will come across Fardoulis on the shelves.

Given the fact that Fardoulis chocolates can be gifted for a variety of occasions, you will find many of their gift boxes in our chocolate hampers. Gifting Fardoulis chocolates is not only recommended for romantic occasions such as Valentine’s Day, because our chocolate hampers are also a good idea for Christmas and anniversaries.

Curious which Fardoulis gift boxes are waiting in our large range of chocolate hampers? Be sure to have a look at our catalogue and chose the chocolate hamper that matches your personal preferences.

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