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Top Selling Gift Hampers

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:9 February 2017 

Having an overview of our top selling gift hampers could help you decide on the best hamper for your specific recipient. Therefore, we have created an overview of our top selling gift hampers for you, each containing a short summary of the products it contains. So, if you cannot choose which of our gift hampers is best for your recipient, be sure to check Hamper Emporium’s top selling gift hampers below!

Chocolates & Red Hamper

The Chocolates & Red Hamper is the first in our list, and one of our finest chocolate hampers. Inside our Chocolates & Red Chocolate Hampers, recipients can find a great bottle of Australian shiraz and several chocolate collections of Butlers Irish Chocolates and Willie’s Cacao.

Chocolatiers Butlers Irish Chocolates and Willie’s Cacao can be found often in our range of chocolate hampers, because these two brands are known for the best chocolate flavours. Therefore, if you are purchasing a gift for a chocoholic, you could obtain any of our chocolates hampers with these premium brands.

Our chocolate hampers often contain a bottle of bubbly as well, so if the shiraz in these Chocolates & Red Chocolate Hampers is not quite looking for, you can still find other options at the Hamper Emporium.

Organic and Natural Baby Hamper

The Organic and Natural Baby Hamper is one of our finest gift baskets for christenings and births. The hamper contains a wide range of organic products, which includes but is not limited to cotton face washers, a wool singlet and a teething ring.

One of the great organic brands that can be found inside the Organic and Natural Baby Gift Baskets is EcoStore. EcoStore is a brand that was founded by Malcolm Rands and his wife Melanie in 1993. The company originally started from the couple’s home, but soon became an international brand, being most prominent in New Zealand and Australia.

Naturally, all the organic brands inside our Organic and Natural Baby Gift Baskets are safe and beneficial for babies. In addition to EcoStore, parents can also benefit from brands such as Sophie La Giraffe, Marquise, Nature’s Child and Bubba Blue. So, if the expecting parents prefer organic for their little one, be sure to consider this exquisite hamper as a christening of birthing gift.

Red Wine & Nibbles Hamper

One of our Red Wine & Nibbles Gift Baskets is a good option for any kind of occasion. Customers often acquire one of these gift baskets for birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries, because the collection of gourmet products and wine inside these gift baskets is incredibly versatile.

Our Red Wine & Nibbles Hamper has been a classic gift hamper for years and our hamper designer recently updated this classic with a new wine from the Robert Oatley Signature Series – the 2014 Robert Oatley McLaren Vale Shiraz. The 2014 Robert Oatley McLaren Vale Shiraz has received 91 points James Halliday, and built an astonishing reputation amongst wine collectors.

Because of the collection of fine gourmet treats and luxurious wine, this gourmet hamper is a recommended gift for gourmet lovers and wine collectors alike. Of course, the Hamper Emporium also offers variants of this specific hamper, so if you want to see more options like the Red Wine & Nibbles Hamper, head over to our gourmet hampers range.

The ‘Entertainer’ Gourmet Hamper

Another popular hamper from the gourmet range is the ‘Entertainer’ Gourmet Hamper. Inside this hamper, recipients can find everything they would need for entertaining. Therefore, this hamper is ideal for recipients who like to throw the occasional party.

Inside the ‘Entertainer’ Gourmet Hamper, you will find some classic gourmet treats. To keep your guests entertained during a party, our hamper designer selected delicious Baylies Epicurean Delights Crackers, Partridges Artisan Bakehouse Crackers, Brewer’s Nut Company Nut Mixes, L’Orto Di Franco Tomato Halves, Kangaroo Island Kalamata Olives, Gourmet Regional Tapenades and Tasmanian Fruit Pastes. In short, everything an entertainer needs to experience a pleasant evening with family and friends.

The Velvet Rose & Peony Pamper Hamper

Our Velvet Rose & Peony Pamper Hamper is one of the most popular romantic gifts in our range. It contains a nice collection of biscuits, sweets, gifts and accessories, each selected for their superior quality.

One of the products inside the Velvet Rose & Peony Pamper Hamper that deserves special mentioning is the box of Maison Fossier Biscuit Roses. These biscuits are just not any average selection of biscuits, because Biscuit Roses have been around for centuries.

Biscuit Roses are a French invention and were originally created to make optimal use of the baking ovens once the bread was baked. However, these biscuits that could maximise the profit of bakers did more than just that, because these Biscuit Roses are consider the best biscuits to come out of France.

Maison Fossier Biscuits have an extra unexpected feature as well, because these biscuits are best when they are dipped in a glass of champagne. So, if you intend to celebrate a romantic occasion with a nice bottle of champagne, be sure to consider our Velvet Rose & Peony Pamper Hamper for your other half.

The Moet & Gourmet Nibbles Hamper

The last hamper from our popular hamper overview is the Moet & Gourmet Nibbles Hamper. This hamper is quite like the Entertainer Gourmet Hamper, only this hamper has an added bottle of Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial NV Champagne.

Our Moet & Gourmet Nibbles Hamper is perfect for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and more. It is the hamper you can fall back on if you have no idea which of our hampers to choose. Therefore, if neither of the previous hampers was perfect for your recipient, consider the Moet & Gourmet Nibbles Hamper.

Other Popular Hampers at the Hamper Emporium

The Hamper Emporium is a popular seller of hampers in Australia, so we have more popular hampers you could consider. So, if you need more than one hamper, or want to browse through our most popular hampers from this month, simply head over to our home pages to see our most popular options.

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