Advertise Your Business with Australian Christmas Hampers This Holiday Season!

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:19 June 2017 

You can advertise your business with flyers or TV-adverts, but you could do it more effectively with one of our Australian Christmas hampers this year! To benefit from our corporate hamper option, simply choose one of our existing Australian Christmas hampers and we will take care of the corporate branding for you! Not sure which Australian Christmas hampers to use to advertise your business? Discover our recommended Australian Christmas hampers below!

Premium Office Share Hamper

If you want the best corporate hamper we have, then we suggest the elaborate Premium Office Share Gift Basket. Inside this gift basket, recipients can find a tremendous amount of gourmet treats, which could be shared at the office between colleagues. Therefore, we recommend this hamper for big businesses or as a gift for the employees of your business.

Aside from the large selection of gourmet treats, recipients can also find a nice wine and champagne inside the Premium Office Share Hamper; this includes a bottle of Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial NV Champagne and the Robert Oatley McLaren Vale Shiraz. Both bottles are favourites of wine and champagne collectors, so no matter the status of your recipient, we can guarantee these bottles will be appreciated.


Champagne Celebration Hamper

The second corporate hamper we recommend is the Champagne Celebration Hamper, which is not only suitable for the holiday season, but also to celebrate other special occasions relating to your business. Inside this hamper, recipients can find a series of gourmet nibbles from quality brands such as Baylies Epicurean Delight and Gourmet Regional, but also a bottle of champagne from Moet & Chandon.

Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial NV Champagne is the flagship champagne of the Moet & Chandon Champagne House, so it is no surprise that our hamper designer chose this exquisite champagne to add to this excellent holiday hamper. The Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial NV Champagne is made from over a hundred different wines, including 20-30% reserve wines; this delivers a champagne with wonderful complexity and maturity.

Even though we have other champagnes in our collection of corporate hampers, the Moet & Chandon is a safe choice for businesses who do not know the personal preferences of their recipient. So, if you are unaware of the personal preferences of your important client, then this hamper will be an excellent choice.

The Best of All Gourmet Hampers

 Is your recipient a true gourmet lover? Then you should consider the Best of All Gourmet Hampers as a corporate gift hamper. Inside this gourmet hamper, recipients can find numerous savoury treats, Cape Mentelle Shiraz, and high-quality pantry items.

Out of all the products inside the Best of All Gourmet Hampers, we must admit that the Cape Mentelle Shiraz stands out somewhat. The Cape Mentelle Shiraz is made by the well-known Australian winery Cape Mentelle, but the winery used a combination of French and Australian winemaking techniques, which led to a unique shiraz that cannot be compared to any other shiraz releases in Australia. Therefore, anyone with a love for shiraz would love to have this bottle in their wine cellar.

The Chocolates & Red Hamper

If your important business relation is a true chocoholic, then we recommend the Chocolates & Red Hamper. Like our previous recommendation, this hamper contains an excellent bottle of Cape Mentelle Shiraz, but also a selection of chocolates no chocoholic can say no to.

Inside the Chocolates & Red Hamper, recipients can find several chocolate selections from Butlers Irish Chocolates and Willie’s Cacao. The chocolate selections from Butlers Irish Chocolates are the Butlers Handmade Chocolate Selection and Butlers Chocolate Truffles, which both contain some award-winning chocolates! The Chocolates & Red Hamper also contains a chocolate square from Willie’s Cacao, which features a unique flavour of exotic cacao beans, hazelnuts and raisin. Therefore, this hamper has a suitable chocolate selection for traditional chocolate lovers, but also for exotic chocolate lovers!

Moet & Gourmet Nibbles Hamper

Our Moet & Gourmet Nibbles Hamper is also an excellent option for recipients who like the finer things in life, since this hamper contains a combination of champagne and gourmet treats. The champagne is none other than the Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial NV, while the gourmet treats are obtained from brands such as Baylies Epicurean Delights and Partridges Artisan Bakehouse.

There are also some great accompaniments inside the Moet & Gourmet Nibbles Hamper, which are certainly going to be appreciated during the holiday season. Inside the Moet & Gourmet Nibbles Hamper, recipients can find Gourmet Regional Tapenades, Kangaroo Island Kalamata Olives and a delicious Tasmanian Fruits Pastes Quince Paste. In conclusion, anything an important client needs to remember your company when it matters!

Red Wine & Nibbles Hamper

Does your recipient only have the finest wines in his wine cellar? If so, we recommend the Red Wine & Nibbles Hamper, which contains a large selection of gourmet treats, but also an exquisite bottle of Robert Oatley McLaren Vale Shiraz. Since Robert Oatley is only one of few wineries to receive the maximum number of stars from James Halliday, you can rest assured that a wine from this winery is always going to be loved.

The 2014 Robert Oatley McLaren Vale Shiraz is undoubtedly one of the finest shiraz releases in Australia. It received a whopping 91 points from James Halliday and contains those typical shiraz characteristics wine collectors are looking for; this includes fine tannins and balanced acidity. In short, this wine should be your first consideration for a collector or connoisseur.

More Gifts for Businesses

Our gift hampers are not your only options when you shop at the Hamper Emporium, because we have other gifts available too; this could include any of our engraved gifts or branded gift vouchers. To learn more about the selection of gifts we can offer, please head over to the corporate hampers page for more information.

Want to order multiple hampers? Be sure to contact us first and check if any special deals might apply on your order!

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