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The Best Christmas Hampers For Your Grandparents

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:4 November 2018 

Do you want to surprise your grandparents with a beautiful Christmas hamper? Look no further, because the Hamper Emporium has the best Christmas hampers for your grandparents. To help you with your decision, the Hamper Emporium has recommended some of the best Christmas hampers for your grandparents below.

What Christmas Hamper Would You Recommend for Grandparents Who Love Traditional Flavours?

Grandparents who love traditional flavours will appreciate our “Best of all Gourmet Hampers” the most. The “Best of all Gourmet Hampers” is considered the best choice for traditional flavour lovers amongst our best Christmas hampers, since it contains authentic foods such as Baylies Gourmet Crackers with Sesame Seeds and Kangaroo Island Kalamata Olives.

The delicious crackers inside the “Best of All Gourmet Hampers” were made by Baylies Epicurean Delights. Baylies Epicurean Delights was founded in 1995 by Robert and Angela Bell. The couple had a passion for traditional flavours and authentic Australian products. They started their journey in a small kitchen, but their company soon grew into one of the largest suppliers of gourmet products in Australia.

To celebrate Christmas, the Hamper Emporium also needed to select a good shiraz that could accompany the traditional products in this hamper. The Hamper Emporium eventually chose the Islander Estate ‘Bark Hut Road’ Shiraz Cabernet, a limited-edition shiraz from the Islander Estate vineyards.

The Islander Estate ‘Bark Hut Road’ Shiraz is one of the highest awarded shiraz releases in Australia, so it was the evident choice for our range of best Christmas hampers. The cabernet shiraz from Islander Estate is also an exquisite choice for Christmas dinner, as this cabernet shiraz can be combined with many different things.

In addition to the products we already described, there are more traditional flavours to discover in this hamper. Other products to be found in the “Best of All Gourmet Hampers” include Gourmet Regional Chargrilled Capsicum Tapenade, Gourmet Regional Roasted Eggplant Tapenade, Luke Mangan Tasmanian Quince Paste, Byron Bay Cookies and a whole bunch more!

Which Australian Christmas Hampers Would You Recommend for Grandparents with A Sweet Tooth?

The best Christmas hamper for grandparents with a sweet tooth is our “Sweetest of Gift Hampers”. Inside the “Sweetest of Gift Hampers”, customers can find an excellent mix of traditional and modern brands.

Grandparents that love sweet treats will appreciate one of the finest biscuits this world has to offer – Maison Fossier Biscuit Roses. The Maison Fossier Biscuit Roses were invented in 1690 and have even caught the attention of French royalty. Biscuit Roses are usually dipped in a glass of French champagne, a very luxurious combination that cannot be missing from the Christmas treat table.

The “Sweetest of Gift Hampers” contains additional releases from Maison Fossier as well. These releases are French Palmier Pastries and French Almond Macarons. Both releases are delightfully sweet and made with fresh, French ingredients.

Recipients who like their sweet desserts and treats will also love the large selection of chocolate in this hamper. To complement the existing desserts in this hamper, we chose an excellent combination of fudge and chocolate from Butlers Chocolate and Willie’s Cacao.

Which Australian Christmas Hampers Would You Recommend for Grandparents Who Like Fine Wine?

Do your grandparents appreciate a good glass of wine? If this is the case, we can recommend our Brown Brothers Limited Release Gift Pack for your grandparents. Inside the hamper, your grandparents will find a Brown Brothers 2010 Heathcote Shiraz and the Brown Brothers Prosecco.

The Brown Brothers Prosecco is made with grapes from the King Valley vineyard. These grapes make the Brown Brothers Prosecco an approachable wine with a fruity palate. The Prosecco is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians, so the ideal choice for grandparents that do not eat meat.

Our Brown Brothers Limited Release Gift Pack also contains a bottle of Brown Brothers 2010 Heathcote Shiraz, an excellent choice for avid wine lovers. The Brown Brothers 2010 Heathcote Shiraz is a limited release from the Brown Brothers cellar, so it is a unique gift for your wine-loving grandparents.

The grapes used in the Brown Brothers 2010 Heathcote Shiraz were harvested from the Brown Brothers vineyards in King Valley and Central Victoria. The grapes from these vineyards provide the Shiraz with a powerful flavour of plum and dark fruit.

Customers could also go for a combination of fine wine and gourmet foods, depending on the personal preferences of your grandparents. If you loved the idea of a limited-edition Brown Brothers Shiraz, we can recommend the Chocolates & Red Hamper.

The Chocolates & Red Hamper contains chocolates from Butlers, chocolates from Willie’s Cacao, chocolates from Butlers Irish and biscuits from Maison Fossier. The combination of gourmet treats will certainly be appreciated by your grandparents, considering these are the finest chocolates and biscuits this world has to offer. Add to that the limited release Shiraz from Brown Brothers and you get the perfect gift hamper for your grandparents!

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