5 Fantastic Self-Care Tips For Men

Author: Nikki Barnett   Date Posted:20 August 2020 

By making self-care a priority, you make yourself a priority


When guys don’t feel very good, it's easy to rush to a quick fix option. Call over your mates and have a few beers—that should do it. But this is only a short-term solution and isn’t serving anyone long term. It's vital to your happiness and wellbeing to practice self-care on a more regular basis. 


This isn’t about applying face masks or getting your eyelashes done, it’s about looking after your body, mind and soul because you owe it to yourself. You only have one body and one life. 


Self-care is about putting activities in place now in order to strengthen your base. The stronger your base, the less likely it is you will fall. Looking after and increasing your overall mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing should be a priority for every man.


Here are 5 self-care tips for the modern man:


1. Exercise and eat well


Who doesn’t want to feel good and be able to lift heavy things without batting an eyelid? Apart from releasing endorphins, exercise is producing happy hormones and is a great way of releasing tension and whatever frustrations you have built up that week or day.


Walking out of the gym after a training session with your chin a bit higher is a great feeling. Complement it with wholesome and healthy food. Keeping your diet nutritious makes a massive difference, and it doesn’t need to be expensive, complicated or time-consuming.


2. Sleep


It has been proven that poor sleep is linked to stress, anxiety and depression. Creating a good bedtime routine is a priority to get a quality seven to eight hours sleep each night. Make sure to switch off all technology at least one hour before you go to bed, sleep in a cold room and if needed, and listen to a relaxing sleep meditation.


3. Journal and set goals


This is probably one of the hardest ones for men, but starting to write into a journal on a daily basis is extremely important for clarity, vision and goal-setting. It will help keeping you focused and therefore release stress. Create a good morning routine for each day, starting it off with a positive and visionary journal entry. Take stock of what you’re grateful for, what makes you happy, and celebrate your success.


This is also a great way to work on your goals. Get in the habit of writing what you want to achieve, then creating an action plan to get there. Getting everything down on paper will make you become more accountable. All successful people journal, so make sure you plan out your day before you start it.


4. Walk, read and meditate


Any mental block can be broken by walking around outside. Whether you stroll along the beach, through the park, or simply around the block, ten minutes is all you need to get a new lease on life. Don’t let stress build up, take the time to walk and breathe in the fresh air, turn off your distractions and clear your head.


Meditation is a great tool to find clarity when your head seems foggy. You can find guided meditations online as well as just using normal breathing techniques— this doesn’t need to take up much of your time. You can do this while you walk, just remember to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Giving yourself personal headspace is a luxury you deserve and it will help you in any decision-making situation.


Putting away time for reading—whether for stimulation, relaxation or learning—is a great way to up your communication skills or just have a break. Adding these little ‘habits’ into your daily routine will aid you in becoming a calmer version of yourself.


5. Be kind to yourself and others


We are all our harshest self-critics inside and therefore need to adopt a kinder approach of talking to ourselves. Start to use positive affirmations, write down what you are good at and tell this yourself every day. Believing in yourself will help others believe in you too.


Make sure you choose your tribe wisely. Sure, you’ve had your buddies for a long time; some you’ve known through footy and some have been alongside you since early school days. Make sure, you surround yourself with positive like-minded people that support who you are. Sometimes we can grow up and not share the same interests anymore, and that is okay. Connect with people who share the same values, goals and beliefs as you. Let them lift your vibe on a daily basis.


Last but not least, always ask for help. We all fail sometimes; how else can we learn from our mistakes and get better? Don’t just pick yourselves up when the going gets tough and do it all on your own. Your mates are there to lend a hand, the family is all too happy to come for a chat and a hug, don’t be too proud to take them up on their offers.


Let’s make it a self-care routine


Looking after yourself is a consistent approach, something you develop and work on every day. It will get easier the more you practice.


Even if you're a shower-and-go type of guy, sometimes getting pampered and spoiled can be a wonderful thing. Even for the toughest bloke around, sometimes it’s just so important to kick off your shoes and take a moment out of your busy week to recharge the nearly flat batteries.


You deserve to be pampered too


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