8 Fun Alternatives To Valentine’s Day (Spreading The Love!)

Author: Loreena Walsh   Date Posted:20 January 2020 

We absolutely love planning for Valentine's Day here at the Hamper Emporium!

It’s the perfect time to reflect on life, your loved ones and your relationships. It really doesn’t have to be just about romance for couples!

Currently single? Well, that definitely doesn't mean the day should go unnoticed either. Being single should be celebrated and chocolates, red roses and Valentine’s Day gift ideas are made to be shared with friends and family, spoil yourself and whoever is close to you!

We believe that Valentines Day should be about the love you have for those around you, and most importantly, for yourself. 


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Love

Gift giving is the language of love, and a heartfelt message or present to those near and dear will never go amiss. Who doesn’t love receiving flowers or thoughtful treats? Just because it’s Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean the tradition has to be restricted to lovers! 

Treat those around you to some special surprises!


Alternative Ways To Spend Your Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day should be an enjoyable day full of special treats for you and your loved ones! Here are our thoughts on some fabulous alternative ways to enjoy yourself this February 14th!

Pamper Your Friends & Family

Valentine’s Day is ideal for getting your family together for some quality time and wonderful laughter. Why not have cards, flowers or chocolates delivered to them in the morning? Plan an interesting day out. Or arrange a surprise dinner for your close friends and exchange fun Valentine’s Day gift ideas and candy. Bring back happy memories with your old photo albums or watch a funny movie and make a cosy evening together. 

Brighten Up Someone’s Day

February 14th is also a fantastic day for reconnecting with old friends or someone special you have lost contact with. Make their day! Reach out to someone who is lonely, lost a loved one or had some bad news. Cheer them up with small Valentine's Day gift ideas and share the feel-good factor. Don’t forget your workmates too and surprise your colleagues with handmade cards or special treats to share around. Or send them from a secret admirer anonymously and brighten up their day!

Challenge Yourself To Face A Fear

Gift yourself this Valentine’s Day by daring to go outside your own comfort zone. Do something that scares you or confront a life fear. Use the day to take the first step towards that seemingly unachievable dream. For brave hearts or thrill-seekers, a unique idea is to try out a new adrenaline sport. Challenge yourself to a memorable experience! Go bungee jumping, climbing, white water rafting or mountain biking. Whatever Valentine's Day gift ideas you choose, make sure to mark the occasion with a fantastic photo!

Arrange A Group Brunch

Just because you are single doesn’t mean you can’t do something exciting or fun in a group. A lavish brunch is just one of the great Valentine's Day gift ideas for sharing the event with couples too. Brunch is what brings foodies and people together! Celebrating in the day with a long, lazy, boozy breakfast or lunch is the perfect way to spend time together and relax. All without any unwanted romantic associations. Remember to book the day off work as February 14th is a Friday this year!

Borrow A Gorgeous Furry Friend

Not everyone who loves animals can own one of their own. If you want to spend Valentine’s Day solo, then why not borrow some company? Do a friend or family member a favour and pet sit so they can enjoy a romantic date. There’s nothing quite so enjoyable as delighting in canine walks or feline love and then handing your pet back to its owner. As Valentine's Day gift ideas go, spending the day or evening with a lovable or slightly daft furry friend will give you endless memories and affection. Magical.

Enjoy A Relaxing Duvet Day

Take Valentine's Day off work and make absolutely no plans at all. Feel the luxurious freedom of doing exactly what you want, even spending all day in bed or in pyjamas. Cook yourself a leisurely breakfast and indulgent lunch. Treat yourself to endless Valentine’s Day gift ideas during the day. Read a good book, do the crossword or watch old movies. Pamper yourself at home with Spa treatments or a relaxing aromatherapy massage. You can snuggle away the day however you choose! 

Treat Yourself To A Mini Break

If you’re free this Valentine's Day, then why not plan a much-needed long weekend break? Set off to somewhere you have been longing to visit, avoiding all the romantic couples. Take the time to explore a new place, seek out exciting experiences or try something fresh. While you’re there, enjoy long walks, savour the beauty of nature or watch the fabulous sunsets. Retail therapy is a must too - find enticing local Valentine’s Day gift ideas and treat yourself.

Try Something Completely New

Doing something completely different is an ideal way to take your mind off the romantic associations of Valentine’s Day. Use it as a springboard to exciting and new things. Start writing, painting or learning a new language. Kickoff interesting hobbies or start a gym routine or sport. Maybe it’s something as simple as cutting off your long hair or trying a risque new colour. Make sure that among your Valentine's Day gift ideas for yourself, you start something you have been dying to try! 


Start Your Own Valentine’s Day Tradition

When you are planning your Valentine's Day gift ideas, why not make this year the start of your very own fun traditions? Resolve to send cards or gifts to loved ones. Sing all afternoon, wear a crazy hat, bake a giant pizza, plant a tree or greet the rising sun. Think outside the box!  

Then do this every February 14th and make sure you become someone who loves the day. You can find some inspiration for fabulous gift hampers and start planning today!

February 14th is just one day, but why not make it extra special and spread some much-needed love around? 

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