How To Inspire Your Team To Meet Your 2020 Goals

Author: Nikki Barnett   Date Posted:21 February 2020 

As we are soon nearing the end of the first quarter, many of us are taking a long, hard look at our goals for this year. 


Whether professional or personal, we all want 2020 to be successful and to achieve all the goals and plans we set at New Year. Here at The Hamper Emporium, we have already explored how to stick to New Year resolutions. But what happens if your targets are work orientated and are held in the hands of your team? 


Here are some of our ideas on inspiring management strategies to maintain a strong team performance and foster fresh ideas and energy.


Keep Your Eyes Firmly Fixed On Your Goals


When you’re working hard running a business, it’s sometimes easy to forget your team is your biggest asset. No matter how experienced any individual is, we can never understand and complete every task solo, it’s always a team effort! To really taste success, teams are responsible for forging the way forward and completing all that important work together. Combining the different skill sets and energy of a focussed group successfully means you can accomplish almost anything.


If all the team has a collective vision for your 2020 goals, and are inspired to achieve them, you have a head start.


Making them part of the success means that each team members enthusiasm and energy become concentrated on critical priorities. This means continuously focusing their attention on the benefits and kudos of reaching those goals. Making them feel appreciated with new inspiring management strategies and staff gift ideas will take your business to a whole new level! 


10 Creative & Inspiring Management Strategies


If you want to achieve your 2020 goals, as a manager, the success of the team rests on you. When you’re inspired and enthusiastic, then your team will be too. Your own mindset and personality are important assets, so share your excitement.  


Here are some inspiring management strategies that we think will help. Employ them every day and steer your team in the right direction, keeping them at peak performance! 

1. Foster Teamwork & Collaboration

It’s easy for team members to feel ostracised when their input is not fully appreciated. Always use a management style that encourages them to participate fully at every stage. Invite input and ideas, constantly ask questions, and implement suggestions whenever possible. However self-disciplined and empowered you allow your team to be, remember that they will always need your support. Encourage and reward them with staff gift ideas as much as you can, and they will usually reciprocate every step of the way.  

2. Use Your Time Creatively

Constant meetings about meetings are generally a huge waste of incredibly valuable time. Unproductive meetings have absolutely no benefits, so make them short, sweet and super valuable. Use this extra time for motivating staff or challenging them to solve current problems. Using inspiring management strategies doesn’t mean controlling every small step. It means ensuring activities are streamlined and team members have the freedom to find unique solutions. Always allow them time to ‘think outside the box’.

3. Empower With Clear Goals

Team members need to be quite clear on which work activities are critical to your goals. Working with them to define the role that they play and rewarding them with staff gift ideas is well worth your effort. Once everyone understands the priorities, it translates to their own job role and that of other teammates. People frequently also need encouragement to identify their strengths and believe in themselves. Realising that they have the abilities to reach those goals will work wonders, so always demonstrate your total confidence. 

4. Never Micromanage - Equalise

There is nothing most team workers dislike more than a boss who micromanages. Constantly checking work and questioning every small decision is guaranteed to cause an unpleasant atmosphere of mistrust. Use inspiring management strategies and take a step back. Allow your team to work together and establish the best way forward. Give them the chance to demonstrate their individual strengths and weaknesses and find the perfect balance. Your team will then be much more confident and self-motivated. 

5. Value Your Team

Be sure to reflect the industry standard when you decide on any employees' salary. A team member who feels undervalued in this way is not going to feel motivated to go that extra mile at work. Don't risk losing any amazing staff member because you're not treating them well or rewarding them with staff gift ideas for those excellent results. If you want a productive and energetic team, then continually avoid routine and show you care.  

6. Prioritise A Healthy Workplace 

We all work better in a clean, uncluttered and stimulating environment. It makes us feel good and is rated just as highly as money in surveys. It’s a great opportunity to motivate and encourage your team by improving the workspace. Make it a beautiful space where they can rest and have fun, as well as work. Healthy staff are shown to work harder, feel happier and be more productive. Get creative and provide healthy snacks, staff gift ideas, a quiet restroom and regular breaks outside. You could even subsidise gym memberships! 

7. Encourage Happiness & Fun

If your team is happy, then that positive attitude will rub off on everyone. Those much-needed endorphins are highly infectious! Inspiring management strategies are not just about working practices, they involve keeping people happy on multiple levels. Your team should be like a family, where individuals are respected and coached. Personal needs are important, as are the values of trust and mutual support. Do something with fun staff gift ideas every week to maintain the impetus of a powerful team spirit.

8. Use Competition But Don't Punish 

Some individual competition is healthy as long as it’s used effectively. Nearly everyone is motivated to contribute ideas and strengthen their efforts when they reap some benefits. Outstanding excellence should always lead to outstanding rewards! Making mistakes is part of the learning process, and the focus should be on not making the same mistake twice. It’s important not to punish failure when there are any honest mistakes, so encourage team members to try again.

9. Train & Develop Your Team

We are all more valuable when we are given the opportunity of learning new skills. Inspiring management strategies include training as a worthwhile investment, even if it enables team members to leave the company and advance their careers. If people are not continually stimulated to learn they are likely to lose the will to continue maximising work efforts. They need to be confident that their commitment will lead to professional and personal development.

10. Celebrate Achievements

We should never underestimate the power of sincere praise and recognising achievements. Inspiring your team to achieve goals means being openly grateful and applauding results. Even small successes are well worth a celebration, as they are an important step towards the end result. Very often, showing your appreciation for a contribution with staff gift ideas can mean more to a team member than money. 


Keep Your Door Always Open


This practice demonstrates that you are eager and ready to support your team whenever they need it. However busy you are, and however many deadlines you have it’s an opportunity to gain feedback and empower your team with inspiring management strategies. 


If you think these tips can help you to achieve your 2020 goals, then check out our blog on celebrating your team’s success and make a start right away! 

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