What to Put in a Mother’s Day Hamper?

Author: Emily McWaters   Date Posted:26 April 2019 

how to make a mother's day gift hamperMany of our customers ask us “what are the best things to put inside a Mother’s Day hamper?” Since the Hamper Emporium has a large collection of bestselling Australian Mother’s Day hampers, we decided to disclose some of that information to you. So, if you want to find out what makes our Australian Mother’s Day hampers to popular, be sure to read on.

What Products Should I Not Include in a Gift Basket?

Customers who have browsed our collection of Australian Mother’s Day hampers might have noticed that our range contains a few lines of specific products. This is done for a reason, since certain products are not that suitable for a Mother’s Day gift basket.

When we talk about the “unsuitability” of a product for our Australian Mother’s Day gift baskets, we are usually talking about products with a short shelf-life. Many of our customers buy their Australian Mother’s Day hampers weeks beforehand, ensuring they have their gift ready. Therefore, products with a short shelf-life are bound to expire during that time.

Fortunately, there are many products with a lengthy shelf-life that can be included in our Australian Mother’s Day hampers; this does not only include beauty products and accessories, but also specific gourmet treats, chocolates, wines, champagnes, and other things foodies will appreciate.

Of course, mums on a diet might not have much use for the gourmet products inside our hampers from Mother’s Day, so we also have hampers for Mother’s Day that solely include pampering items; this includes hand cream, shower gel, plush bath robes, and tons more.

In conclusion, there are only a few guidelines to consider when creating hampers for Mother’s Day. Of course, the most important guidelines are undoubtedly the shelf-life of the products as well as your mum’s personal preferences.

Should I Include Multiple Types of Mother’s Gifts Inside a Gift Basket?

No matter the personal preferences of your mum, we always suggest including several different types of Mother’s Day gifts in one gift basket. Even if your mum has been fond of a certain product for years, more variety leaves a better impression.

Choosing a large selection of Mother’s Day gifts for your hamper comes with additional benefits too, especially when your mum is a notoriously difficult person to buy for. By including several Mother’s Day gifts into one hamper, you can be sure there will be a selection of products your mum likes. So, it is difficult to choose the wrong gift when you incorporate various Mother’s Day gifts into one!

Why Is It Better to Purchase a Premade Mother’s Day Gift Basket from the Hamper Emporium?

Obtaining one of the premade hampers for Mother’s Day available at the Hamper Emporium is often far more beneficial for our customer’s wallet. Since we offer many hampers for Mother’s Day, we can buy larger quantities of products and get a better price for them. Naturally, this better price reflects on the sharp prices we can provide customers with.

There are more advantages when you obtain one of the hamper for Mother’s Day from the Hamper Emporium. When you choose the Mother’s Day gifts from the Hamper Emporium, you will get a free delivery to your doorstep or your mum’s doorstep. All our Mother’s Day presents are eligible for a free standard delivery. So, if you live in Australia and want to obtain one of our Mother’s Day presents, you do not have to pay anything on top for the delivery!

When you choose one of our Mother’s Day presents, you can also count on an impeccable presentation. Gift wrapping a hamper is not always easy, but the Hamper Emporium provides a solution with its large range of keepsake presentation boxes.

Each of the Mother’s Day presents available at the Hamper Emporium is presented in a stunning keepsake box; this box is specifically selected for a special occasion. For example, Mother’s Day presents will have a Mother’s Day theme. The same applies to any other hamper you may want to obtain from the Hamper Emporium.

Want to get even more benefits this Mother’s Day? Check out the extensive Mother’s Day catalogue at the Hamper Emporium and discover all amazing products we can offer you this year!

Can I Make a Premade Mother’s Day Gift Basket More Personal?

We understand that customers want to add their own personal touch to a gift such as a Mother’s Day hamper, so we provide loads of customisation options to every customer. Firstly, you can add a personal message on the premium gift card that accompanies your hamper. However, you can also customise it further through the branding service at the Hamper Emporium, which is available for an additional fee. To learn more about our branding service and its benefits for special occasions, please head over to the corporate branding page.

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