Free Delivery and Gift Wrapping To Make Your Christmas Hamper Special and Memorable

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:13 October 2015 

At Hamper Emporium, you can take advantage of the most spectacular Christmas hampers. When you order your Christmas hampers from the Hamper Emporium, you can also take advantage of free delivery and free gift wrapping, so you can start your Christmas the right way. Curious about our range of Christmas hampers and the products they contain? Be sure to read on and find out what special things we can offer you this year.

What Products Can I Find In Your Selection Of Christmas Hampers?

The Christmas hampers on the Hamper Emporium are very special. In order to make our hampers appealing for every type of customer, we use a variety of products. In our Christmas hampers, you will be able to find the finest chocolates, the most luxurious champagnes and some of the best gourmet products in the world. 

Can You Tell Me a Little More About the Gourmet Products in Your Hampers?

Hamper Emporium only uses selected brands for all Christmas hampers. In order to provide our customers with the best possible products, we select only the finest gourmet products from Australia, France, Belgium, Italy and other parts of the world.

A brand you can find quite often in our range of Christmas hampers is Maison Fossier, a biscuit manufacturer with roots leading back to 17th century France. Maison Fossier is the inventor of the biscuit roses, so customers can only get the real biscuit roses from the Maison Fossier brand. In our selection of Christmas hampers, you can also find other excellent releases from the Maison Fossier brand, including French palmier puff pastries.

Another exquisite biscuit brand you can find in our selection of hampers is Jules Destrooper, which is a Belgian biscuit manufacturer who became famous with their amazing butter waffle biscuits. Since the creation of the butter waffles, Jules Destrooper has also released a number of biscuits topped in real Belgian chocolate. These biscuit releases can also be found in our hamper selection.

For our range of Christmas hampers, we also use a very fine selection of champagnes. The champagne brands we choose are based on the points they received from various champagne experts, but also based on their popularity. Some of the champagnes you will find in our hampers are Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial, Veuve Clicquot and the Piper-Heidsieck. 

In addition to champagnes we also select some exquisite wines, including some wines created in Australia. One of the wine brands you can find in our hampers is Brown Brothers, a brand you are probably already familiar with if you are a true lover of high-quality wines. Brown Brothers is a winery that has been around since 1889 and owns a number of vineyards in Australia. Each of these vineyards is the place of origin for a unique Brown Brothers release. If you have never tried a Brown Brothers wine before, be sure to try one of our exquisite
hampers this year.

Hamper Emporium has a very fine selection of gourmet products, but we also include some cosmetics in our exclusive hampers for female recipients. One of our all-time favourite cosmetics brands is MOR Cosmetics, an Australian brand known for their high-quality products. When you choose a Christmas hamper for a female recipient this year, be sure to check out our hampers containing MOR Cosmetics.

To see the full range of exquisite products in our hampers, please refer to our Christmas hamper range. Each hamper contains a full description of the products it contains, so if you want to get more familiar with our range, you are bound to find all information on our hamper pages.

How Do I Obtain The Free Gift Wrapping?

Each of the hampers available on Hamper Emporium automatically comes in a beautiful keepsake box, this eliminates the need for any additional gift wrapping. Customers who purchase a Christmas hamper from the Hamper Emporium are therefore not required to do any gift wrapping afterwards. If you wish to see how the keepsake box will look like, simply refer to the product image of the hamper itself.

Before you check out, you also get the option to add a personalised message to your hamper. Simply add your message by clicking on the “edit message” button in your shopping cart. Should you require any help during this personalisation process, do not hesitate to contact the Hamper Emporium for some additional assistance.

How Do I Obtain The Free Delivery?

Every Christmas hamper on the Hamper Emporium is automatically eligible for free delivery, this means that you do not have to do anything special to take advantage of our free delivery option. The only thing you need to do is select your favourite hamper and add it to your shopping cart. 

There are some additional delivery options for customers who wish to get their hamper quickly. We do need to mention that these additional delivery options are accompanied by a small fee. In addition to our free standard delivery, customers can also take advantage of our same-day delivery for Sydney Metro, next day capital city delivery, express delivery and bulk delivery options. So whether you are an individual or a business looking for a suitable delivery option, you are bound to find it on Hamper Emporium.

For more information concerning deliveries and delivery options, please refer to our “delivery page”. Customers can find the delivery page on the main menu. Should you need additional assistance with our delivery options, do not hesitate to contact us for more information. 

How Do I Contact Hamper Emporium If I Have Questions About Delivery Options?

Do you need some help with our delivery options or do you have a bulk delivery that needs some special attention? Do not hesitate to contact the hamper emporium to discuss your delivery options. Give us a call on 1300-459-452 or send us a message on 

Businesses who wish to discuss their corporate hamper options can also give us a call or send a message to