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Meet The Team: How Do We Celebrate Christmas?

Author: Nikki Barnett   Date Posted:9 December 2020 

From The Hamper Emporium Family To Yours


The lead up to Christmas is a busy time of year for everyone at The Hamper Emporium. We’re all working hard to send festive cheer to thousands of happy customers all around Australia while counting down to our own Christmas holidays. With diverse backgrounds, many of our families have very different Christmas traditions.


The one thing we all have in common is how much sharing this time with our family and friends means to us. From sharing a Corona Beer Hamper with mates on the last day of work, to ordering an Indulgence Christmas Hamper for delivery to our parents who are miles away, we all have plans to make this Christmas a good one for our nearest and dearest.


How to celebrate Christmas with family

For some of us, the ways we celebrate Christmas with family today is completely different to what it was like for us growing up. While we love hearing old stories from our grandparents or bisnonni about how Christmas was celebrated in the past, there’s something special about a summer Christmas in Australia.


Many of the team members at The Hamper Emporium team fondly remember the different ways to celebrate Christmas during our childhoods. When we think back on our Christmas traditions growing up, some of us fondly recall noisy feasts that lasted for days with the whole extended family of cousins and aunts and uncles, while others remember quiet celebrations with our immediate family opening presents under the tree on Christmas morning. Childhood memories of the family Midnight Mass service, Nonna’s panettone, and school Christmas pageants have slowly been replaced by new traditions with our own close friends and family.


Our favourite time at Christmas

There are many ways to celebrate Christmas in Australia and everyone has a different idea about their favourite holiday traditions and favourite time of the holiday season. Getting together with family tops the list of what The Hamper Emporium team likes best about Christmas time. But some look forward the most to celebrating on Christmas Eve, while others prefer the joy of Christmas morning, or the relaxed atmosphere of Boxing Day when the house is quiet and the fridge is full of left-overs.


The early morning drive to our parents’ house for Christmas breakfast (with beer and oysters, because it’s never too early for a beer on Christmas Day), watching the kids in the pool until late on Christmas Eve because they’re all too excited to go to bed while it’s still light out and, best of all, Christmas morning watching the kids open gifts are just some of our favourite ways to celebrate Christmas with our families.


Opening presents with the kids is a moment to cherish for all parents. The magic of Santa gifts and watching the kids unwrap that one big present that we know they will love is a special moment worth capturing. Then gathering around for a special Christmas lunch with everyone’s favourite Christmas treats and eating way too much to see out Boxing Day and the rest of the holiday break.


Our favourite things to eat at Christmas

One of the best things about Christmas in Australia is the range of different festive foods combined with our glorious summer fruits like cherries and mangoes. With traditional Christmas food from all around the world making an appearance in our holiday menus, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Christmas ham is a popular favourite and almost everyone at The Hamper Emporium agrees that the glazed ham with fig syrup is worth waiting all year for!


Christmas Ham


According to our staff, other favourite things to eat at Christmas include Christmas trifle with brandy sauce, Christmas cake with rum-soaked sultanas, pavlova with strawberries, and Christmas fruit mince pies.  If traditional Christmas food is one of your favourite things about the holiday season, then you’ll love The Hamper Emporium’s Festive Cheer Christmas Hamper. It includes a whole range of delicious Christmas treats like shortbread, sweet gingerbread coated nut mix, iced Christmas cake slices, traditional fruit Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, and Christmas fruit mince tarts that taste homemade.


Included in our Christmas hampers, the range of handmade Christmas goodies from The Woods Farm are just delicious. Beautifully hand-decorated, their premium Christmas cake is made with juicy fruits, brandy and rum, and topped with glacé cherries and nuts. It looks amazing, and tastes even better!


Decadent Christmas Cake


While the English plum pudding is known to many Australians, there’s so many other favourite Christmas foods around the world that feature in our celebrations. These include Mexican tamales, French la bûche de Noël, the Greek melomakarona Christmas cookie, and Hanukkah latkes. A unique Christmas tradition from Italy includes the Esta dei Sette Pesci (or The Feast of the Seven Fishes) where a variety of different seafood dishes are served throughout the day with not a single Christmas ham in sight.


Make Your Own Christmas Traditions With The Hamper Emporium

If you’re looking for ideas for a way to start new Christmas traditions with your family, or are just craving some gourmet Christmas treats, we have the very best Christmas hampers of 2020. Send a Christmas gift basket for parents or buy something for your family to share at home. If you’re celebrating solo this year and catching up with loved ones online, there’s no reason to miss out on the best gourmet Christmas hampers. Treat yourself to your favourite champagne and chocolate gift basket or choose a festive hamper to make this year special.


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